LIVE: Waiguru impeachment trial

Wednesday June 24 2020

The impeachment trial of  Kirinyaga Govenor Anne Waiguru entered its second day on Wednesday. 

An 11-member Senate committee is hearing the case against Ms Waiguru.

Ms Waiguru impeached early this month after 23 MCAs out of 33 voted in favour of the motion by Mutira MCA Kinyua Wangui to remove her from office. Four MCAs abstained while six were absent.

Observers reckon that Ms Waiguru’s support for the handshake between President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga has seen marked changes in how she has been conducting her politics.

She decamped to the Kenyatta-Odinga faction after ditching the pro-Ruto group, which she accused of only being interested in criticising the President’s development record and championing the DP’s political interests instead of pushing for the region’s interests.



This appeared to be a springboard that catapulted her into national politics as she became among the faces of BBI rallies spearheaded by Mr Odinga.

With time, she has turned out to be the government’s foremost defender on a number of issues, especially the war on graft and the Big Four Agenda.

And, owing to the advantage of numbers in the Senate, coupled with the power of incumbency, it remains to be seen whether Senate will agree with Kirinyaga MCAs.