Kenya needs constitutional review to empower President: Munya

Sunday January 12 2020

EALA MP Mpuru Aburi (L) chats with Ms Florah Kabeti of the Mau Mau era, and Trade CS Peter Munya at Linkurungu village in Tigania East, Meru County, during the burial of former freedom fighter M’Karau Samson Karau, January 11, 2020. PHOTO | CHARLES WANYORO | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Kenya is ripe for a constitutional review to give more powers to the presidency and strengthen electoral laws, Trade Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has said.

Mr Munya said the current Constitution, though progressive, reduces the President’s powers when it comes to some critical decisions.

He cited the appointment of judges, a process in which the President only receives the names of preferred candidates.

“The one we voted in has no powers. He is just a rubber stamp. In case people with vested interests select those they want, the one you voted for will not be answerable," he said at Linkurungu village in Tigania East, Meru County, on Saturday, during the burial of freedom fighter M’Karau Samson Karau.

“We a need a balance so that the President appoints and the Senate approves, like in the USA. We followed the American model of the Constitution but went overboard. When the current Constitution was passed, we noted there were faults. The time has come to rectify the anomalies."



The CS appeared to take a swipe at Deputy President William Ruto, whose supporters claim the BBI is being use to lock him out of power through creation of a powerful Prime Minister post.

“You cannot say it is crafted for an individual yet you have not been barred from contesting. The post of PM will go to the one with the most MPs. Anyone interested in the post only needs to mobilise supporters,” he said.

Mr Munya further said those opposed to changes proposed in the report are only interested in ensuring two tribes remain in power as the rest of the country is isolated.

He noted that creation of more seats at the top will boost cohesion as more regions will be included.

“We already added woman representatives, senators and nominated MCAs. There are those saying they are entitled to their 10 years [in power], as if the country is one’s estate," he said.

“You cannot say you were promised something by an individual. The only thing one can promise you is his own property. We have no evidence that you were promised something and if this happened, it is a private affair.

“Kenyans are the ones who can decide who should rule the country because they are the ones who elect leaders."


Regarding forums across the county for discussions on the report, Mr Munya expressed his support.

On Friday, DP Ruto differed sharply with leaders holding the forums, saying they are misusing public funds and other resources.

Mr Munya further took issue with Jubilee Party criticising President Uhuru Kenyatta, saying they are not being honest with the public and are pursuing selfish interests.

“You voted for him twice but are now telling us he is not a good man. They say the government is not performing but that there are some within it who are performing. Do we have parallel budgets? Let us respect the President," he said.