More demos planned in US as Jubilee supporters take on Nasa

Wednesday October 04 2017

Nasa supporters living in the US when they demonstrated against election law. PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP



Supporters of the Nasa coalition based in the US have launched a global campaign to raise funds to enable Raila Odinga compete in the presidential re-run.

Speaking during a dinner dance party held in New Jersey, Nasa supporters said that for Nasa to mount a fresh campaign outreach and develop nationwide structures to check Jubilee excesses, the coalition needed resources to compete with the Jubilee’s easy access to government resources.


“While Jubilee coalition has government resources at it’s disposal, Nasa which is a mass movement is relying on the goodwill of its supporters both at home and abroad,” Said Dr George Omburo, a member of the team that organised the dinner party.

Raila Odinga campaign communications Advisor Salim Lone who is currently based in the US urged Kenyans abroad who are supporters of the Nasa coalition to answer the call by helping mobilise resources for the campaign. “Raila Odinga is a selfless man who has sacrificed so much for Kenya.” Said Mr Lone.


But even as the Nasa supporters were toasting to the annulment of the past polls in New Jersey, supporters of the Jubilee Party in Phoenix, Arizona condemned the activities of Nasa supporters especially the recent demonstration in New York.

In the statement issued by Jubilee US coordinator, Engineer John Kamau, the supporters said they took issue with Kenyans living in the US demonstrating at the UN against their own country.

"Nasa supporters who held demonstrations in New York and plan to hold such like demonstrations in Dallas, Texas next week are despicable and a disgrace.

"We are warning Nasa supporters to stop pushing Kenyans in the Diaspora to demonstrate against the government and to stop calling for the removal of IEBC. They should stop attempting to stop intimidating the IEBC with removal and issuing ambiguous, ever changing demands and meddling with judicial officers,” the statement said in part.


Eng. Kamau said 85 per cent of Kenyans in US supported Jubilee and were advocating for peace. He said they were planning to hold massive demonstrations in major cities to prove their popularity if push comes to shove.

"The economy of Kenya is suffering and our country is becoming a laughing stock Just because one person and a small group of hardliners must have their way or no way. As Jubilee supporters we have now said enough is enough. Kenyans must be allowed to exercise their democratic freedom without this unnecessary intrigues.” Eng. Kamau said.

Jubilee supporters said they stood behind the people of Kenya and demanded that opposition leader Raila Odinga and Nasa immediately stop polarising the country. Challenging Nasa supporters to a Live televised debate in Phoenix, Arizona; Mr. Kamau said the opposition should let the IEBC guide the country in a free, fair and credible elections scheduled for October, 26 as per the Supreme Court ruling while ensuring that any electoral related offenses are punished as per the constitution.


Meanwhile, a group calling itself Kenyan-Americans for Peace has called for a mass demonstration in Dallas, Texas this coming weekend. In a statement, the group said they were calling for mass demonstration because the current goings on in Kenya has put democracy in the country in jeopardy.

The group said that leaders who seek offices to serve Kenyans should be on the forefront to ensure that the country remains united and peaceful.

“We also demand that the government stop using government resources for political purposes. We encourage Kenyans in the Diaspora to voice their opinion against injustice and brutality toward the Kenyan people who are exercising their constitutional rights,” they said.