Ndindi Nyoro says democracy is not serving Kenya well

Wednesday September 11 2019

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro (right) and nominated MP Maina Kamanda at Gitui Catholic Church on September 9, 2019 where the two leaders clashed during a fundraiser. Mr Nyoro has maintained his 2017 sentiments that Kenya needs a benevolent dictator as democracy does not serve the country well. PHOTO | NDUNG'U GACHANE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has reiterated that he still stands with his 2017 apothegm that Kenya should rethink democracy as it is not serving it well and that the country needs a benevolent dictator.

The MP Tuesday said that when he made the statement, the country was descending into ruins because of the contested elections, as the opposition leaders were the aggressors then.

The country, he held, was at a critical juncture and while he regrets the vile language he used in some of his social media posts then, he agrees with their content.


“Once upon a time, of course, I was very critical and kind of revolutionary, maybe because of age and maybe some language was harsh to those who were being meted by the immoderations of power. When I was writing what I wrote, it was at the height of post-election skirmishes. I regret the language but not the content,” he said.

Nyoro, who spoke in the wake of a cat and mouse chase between him and the police, which eventually culminated in his arrest and subsequent release, said even though things have changed now in the country, he still maintains his 2017 statement 100 percent.



But the Kiharu MP denied that he resisted arrest last Sunday when he was accused of disrupting a church event in his backyard saying the incident, which led to his hunt by police, was misconstrued.

He maintained that if there was anything wrong that he did then, the authorities would have identified the goons who were shielding him.

“These are people of Kiharu, men and women who could not stand the humiliation that I was going to be caused. I had been invited to the harambee and we agreed with nominated MP Maina Kamanda that I was to introduce the guests, who included the members of Parliament he had come with to the church fundraiser,” Mr Nyoro said.

He further argued that the Kieleweke team was attending the function with the aim of humiliating him because of his affiliation to Deputy President William Ruto.


“I thank the people of Kiharu because they stood up against the then looming embarrassment that was to be caused not just to me as a person but as their MP,” said Mr Nyoro regarding the fray that occurred at the Gitui Catholic Church in Kiharu.

At the same time, the MP denied allegations that he knew about the event all along and only sought to attend it to cause disruption, saying he was made aware of it that morning – including who the guest of honour was to be and the guest list.


He acknowledged that he is and has been a sycophant of both President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, despite having on occasions been on the receiving end of backlashes from the President.

Touching on the rifts within the ruling Jubilee Party which have resulted in the two factions of Kieleweke and Tangatanga, Mr Nyoro said President Kenyatta is leading the government in the right direction.

But he still blamed his recent recurrent woes on elements within the government itself because of his association with the deputy president.