Sh72m heist: Police officers arrested, Sh7m recovered

Saturday September 07 2019

Civilians Chris Ayienda and Vincent Owour, who were arrested in Kisii and Kendu Bay respectively over the theft of money from the Standard Chartered Bank. PHOTO | COURTESY


Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested two police officers in connection to the Thursday theft of Sh72 million and recovered Sh7 million.
It a tweet on Saturday, DCI said Constables Chris Ayienda and Vincent Owour were arrested in Kisii and Kendu Bay.

The detectives recovered Sh3 million from Constable Owuor’s house in Kendu Bay, while Sh4 million was recovered from Constable Ayienda in Kisii.
The police have established that the suspects bought a Subaru Forester on the same day of the theft using the stolen money.


The police also established that the two suspects, who are now in police custody, were planning to travel to Uganda.

Police sources said that part of the Sh72 million was stolen as G4S employees transported it in a van while the rest was withdrawn from an ATM.

The G4S personnel had collected money from their headquarters on Witu Road and were taking it to StanChart’s Nairobi West branch.


They left in two vehicles with men thought to be cash-in-transit officers escorting them.


However, the officers turned out to be criminals on reaching Nairobi West and demanded part of the money.

Later, they demanded for StanChart’s ATM passwords and withdrew more cash. Sources say the thieves made away with 13 bags loaded with the Sh72 million.