Suspects in Muchai shooting ‘on a spree’

Tuesday July 28 2015

The suspected killers of former Kabete MP George Muchai carjacked several motorists on the night of the fatal shooting, witnesses said on Tuesday.

Mr Muchai, his driver and two bodyguards were shot dead in Nairobi on February 6.

A businessman said he was attacked as he waited for his wife at a parking lot in Kangemi, Nairobi, while a woman said she heard the killer gunshots as she cowered in the boot of her car after she was carjacked at Wangige.

Mr Michael Ngatia said he was waiting for his wife at around 10pm when a gunman knocked on the driver’s window and ordered him to open the door. “I was ordered into the boot,” he said.

He said the car was then driven around and then stopped.

“Shortly after, some women screamed,” said Mr Ngatia, adding that he heard a vehicle speed off.


He said he was in the boot for about 20 minutes before police officers rescued him.

Another witness, Ms Gladys Waithera, told the court she could positively identify Mr Raphael Kimani, Mr Mustafa Kimani Wanyonyi and Mr Stephen Isabwa, as part of a seven-man gang that attacked her and her sister at her gate.

The three have pleaded not guilty to killing Mr Muchai, his two bodyguards and the driver.

“The place is well lit and I could not mistake the attackers,” she said.

She said four men brandishing guns ordered her and her sister into the boot of the car and drove off at high speed. They stopped at various noisy places which she thought might have been nightclubs. They were held hostage for about five hours, she said.

The witness said after about five hours of driving around, the vehicle stopped. “We then heard about five shots,” she recounted.

The witness said they were later abandoned in the morning at a homestead.

Hearing continues on August 11.