Kenya welcomes post-coronavirus cricketing rules

Sunday May 24 2020

The International Cricket Council has issued new guidelines the sport’s post-coronavirus period which lay emphasis on social distancing by players and umpires.

The world’s cricket governing body’s guidelines on return to cricket cover international, domestic and community cricket.

Players and umpires will need to keep to social distancing norms on and off the field.

Social distancing, the ICC said, would need to be followed even during training where players will need to keep a 1.5-metre (or what the government in the country recommends) distance between each other.

Players have also been asked to come in training gear and told to use changing rooms sparingly.

Top Kenyan umpire David Pamba supported the move by ICC, saying it was for the safety of everyone. “I fully support the move. The virus is very dangerous and has stopped the sport, and various sports disciplines in many different Countries,” Pamba said.


Umpires should use gloves

“We have to mitigate ways to live with the virus, as at the moment, we are still finding out the solutions to tackle the virus.

“The German Bundesliga has started while our sport is still halted by the Pandemic we should look for away for game to move on,” he added.

The ICC also said "celebrations with body contact" along with sharing drinks or drink bottles, towels and equipment could "pose a risk" and hence should be strongly discouraged
Players will not hand over personal items such as caps, sunglasses and sweaters to the umpires any more.

Players should use a hand sanitisers regularly once they have had contact with the ball.

Umpires should consider wearing gloves to handle the ball, the ICC said.

The ICC is also considering adopting an option for helping the bowler in managing his or her items at a match.

The ICC emphasised that these guidelines would need to work in synergy with government directives in individual countries on resumption of the sport.