Covid-19 offers silver lining to bungling sports bodies

Sunday March 29 2020

We must admit that we are all living in fear and uncertainty at the moment.

Every segment of news has been hogged by the little, pretty virus called corona which is threatening to shut down human life and economic endeavour.

This little virus is very deadly and must be repulsed at all cost.

The sports pages in the newspapers are now silent on results of sports because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the conclusion of the global leagues is still pending.

Nobody foresaw this situation just a few months ago and now it has even forced the cancellation of the Olympic Games to next year if the virus will have been contained. Well, we need not only see its negatives. We must acknowledge that not everyone is unhappy about the disease causing virus.

There are some segments of the Kenyan society that must be rejoicing and dancing in praise of this disruption. The Kenyan Premier League that was shaking in the knees for lack of funding can now safely blame the virus for all their failures this season.


The Football Kenya Federation too has people burning incense in dark grottos and laughing as hard as some evil cartoon characters.

The elections need not go on and Fifa too has trashed the ruling of the Sports Disputes Tribunal on the fate of the executive officials of FKF. No meeting is feasible in the near future and that means they stay quarantined in office for as long as they like!

Ironically, it is the same Fifa that was threatening to ban Kenya if the elections were not held by March 30 this sad year.

The statement by the body has trashed the SDT and ushered in a new attitude from the FKF. They no longer need any subjection to SDT as an arbitrator as Fifa said the ruling by the Kenyan sports arbitration court is not legally binding.

FKF should now stretch their muscles up, smile and breathe with huge sigh of relief since a heavy burden has been lifted off their backs. They can now practice impunity — which they are very competent — in matters election.

Those that were seeking to dethrone them should not bother going back to any drawing board. There is no drawing board … they only need an Ouija board.

There were some Harambee Stars managers that we have never paid and are not willing to pay. They too must wait for the virus to abate. If that takes two years or more, then they will bear with us at FKF since we too do not like the virus.

It is a very depressing moment for all that love sports with a passion. Life seems to have deserted us but we hope this virus will be eradicated as soon as possible.

For the sports bodies that are hiding behind this viral attack, we hope you take the time to clean your stables.

See anything that you have done wrong and right it while the world has set its gaze on the pandemic. Even this will come to pass and woe unto you if we turn around and find you are still a mess!

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