Motorsport runs in genes of multiple rally champ Chager’s family

Monday July 27 2020

Kenyan Rally drivers Baldev Chager and Ravi Soni in their Porsche 911 leave the Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort in Mombasa during the during East African Safari Classic Rally ceremonial roll off on November 27, 2019. PHOTO | WACHIRA MWANGI |


Multiple national rally champion Baldev Chager’s father, Daljit Chager, won his first motorcycle championship crown in 1978 when his son was just three-years-old.

Daljit broke the junior lap record at the Embakasi Circuit by three seconds and later broke the motorcycle lap record when Baldev was five-years-old.

The 76-year-old was the chairman of the East African Motor Sports Club in 1983, 1985, 1993 and 1995.

He also played a big role in the Governing Council of the Automobile Association of Kenya from 1993 to 2003 and was also as the chairman of the motorsports section from 1995 to 1997. Daljit played cricket and hockey for the Simba Union Club from 1982 to 1992.
Let’s look at rally navigation. Rally organisers usually provide a suggested route and a selection of recommended rest halts, which they suggest one may like to visit.

Their directions will include the most scenic route and one with the least amount of traffic. Some of the roads used may be narrow, but as there is no element of competition, there is no need to drive quickly to traverse these sections. Most events use simply ‘Tulip’ style navigation.

“This is nothing to do with flowers, but the style of instructions used on the Tulip Rally, a road rally that went from the Netherlands to the Alps and back in the 1950s and 60s,” as the Historic Rally Car Register explain on their website.


“With ‘Tulips,’ the route is defined by a series of small drawings of each junction along the route.

“These are supported by additional information like road names, numbers or landmarks, such as a church. Sometimes, the information given is so straightforward that there is no need to have the Tulip diagram, but just a list of instructions,” the website explains.

“In addition you may be given a ‘marked map on which the route has already been drawn on it. 

“You then simply need to follow the roads marked using information you can see on the map and assimilating it with what you can see out of the windows. 

“A number of organisers also include manned passage controls and/or code boards to help reassure crews they are on the right route.”

Navigation on stage rallies cover public roads to the location of the individual stages (not necessary on single venue events), and through the timed stages at speed.

Often these are both contained in the event Road Book.

Did you know that….

No driver is permitted to consume alcohol or take recreational drugs during or immediately prior to an event. Prescription drugs that may cause drowsiness or affect ones’ motor skills are also prohibited.