ONYANGO: Refurbishment of Mbaraki grounds great for coast game

Sunday June 21 2020

Bandari's Abdalla Hassan (right) attempts to go past Tusker defender Eugene Asike during their Kenyan Premier League Match at KPA Mbaraki Grounds in Mombasa on May 5, 2018. Tusker won 2-0. PHOTO | KEVIN ODIT |


There’s no doubt that Bandari Football Club has reignited football passion at the coast lately, establishing itself as the dream team for all budding players in the region. 

It’s also never in doubt that football happens to be one of the most followed sports across the globe, and the most popular.

It is estimated that more than half of the world's population consider themselves to be association football fans with the beautiful game enjoying an estimated following of almost four billion.

There are several reasons why football is the most popular sport globally, and the passion associated with the game is one of them.

Regardless of what part of the world you are in, the passion for the sport remains the same and is seen in homes across the world, in terraces at stadiums and on the field on play during each match day.

Every major stadium in world football is packed each weekend with fans that would do anything for their club and players, especially when the results are good.


In short, the point I’m trying to pass across is that football is big business which when harnessed and structured well, has the potential to generate huge economic benefits. 

Exclusive members’ club

It is for this reason that delight rent the air when news the upgrading the Kenya ports Authority’s Mbaraki Sports Club filtered through into the streets of coastal towns.

Though an exclusive members’ club, KPA’s Mbaraki Sports Club’s football ground will add to a number of stadiums on the coastal network, together with the regular venues namely the Mombasa Municipal Stadium, which is also under renovation, Uwanja wa Mbuzi and Bomu Stadium in Magongo.

All these stadiums will go a long way in helping boost the immense football talent within the coast region.

Besides helping nurture talent, there are many benefits associated with a football stadium.

For example, a stadium drawing as many people annually would also benefit its immediate surroundings with demand increasing for retail businesses, restaurants, housing and even office space.

When completed, KPA’s Mbaraki stadium could also be hired out for events which will not only help to boost Bandari's kitty, but also the economy of the coast region, hence the excitement over the upgrading works.

With a modern stadium, Bandari Football Club will also be able to host all its international matches at Mbaraki, thus help in helping the team to save costs of hiring other venues. 

It may sound a far-fetched at the moment, but having its own stadium will completely change the face of Bandari Football Club.

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