Open letter to Bandari head coach Mwalala

Sunday March 10 2019

Hope this missive finds you well coach Bernard Mwalala as you work round the clock to ensure Bandari maintains its tempo, which has seen it comfortably top the SportPesa Premier League standings for the third straight week, a first in the history of the club.

It is also absolutely satisfying to note that the Premiership title is now a distinct reality for Bandari Football Club as compared to yesteryears when the team sputtered in the mid table, at times even fought to avoid relegation.

With gusto and utter zest, the team picked on from where they left last season when, for the first time in their history, they finished the league in a respectable second position.

This was a gallant, lofty and majestic moment for the dockers since they had not achieved this milestone before.

Credit goes to the entire team but mostly to you coach Mwalala, who has tacked together a vivacious youthful squad playing with free energy, vim and vitality.

I dare say, most of the big teams are having special sessions just for us as they try to counter what Bandari has to offer on the football pitch.


I dare also say, most of the small teams are petrified at the thought of facing us. They know the hiding they will receive; the question is more of by how many goals will they lose.

However, with all great achievements there comes persistent moments of stubbornness that combine to water down rather telling displays.

You Mwalala now have an infamous habit of rebuffing the media after matches whenever Bandari loses or settles for a draw.

This is a major low, especially for a coach of your calibre, who, before venturing into coaching, played for top clubs in this country and continent.

Talking to the media is not only important but mandatory both for the fans and all other stake holders, as it keeps people informed and colligated with the team.

The English Premier League in the season 2010-2011 implemented rules where all managers were required to attend in person and participate in post-match interviews held by or for the benefit of a UK broadcaster or radio broadcaster. Failure to do so without just cause was a breach of these rules and attracted punitive fines.

We have seasoned coaches like Twahir Muhidin, Francis Kimanzi, Robert Matano, Francis Baraza, and the list is long, all who give interviews to the media on demand and pick calls from the media even in the middle of the night.

That Bandari will remain top contenders for this year’s title, and even win the crown is not in doubt, and there is a lot the media may want to know about the team from their coach’s perspective.

It’s my humble appeal to you to make time for the media.