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Assistant minister opposes negotiations on new law

Monday August 9 2010

An assistant minister has opposed calls for negotiations on the contentious issues in new constitution.

Sports and Youth Affairs’s Kabando wa Kabando said: “Those calling for negotiations must now give Kenyans a break.”

“Referendum is over, and so are the contentions. Kenyans have spoken, loudly and overwhelmingly. Sideshows must stop. Orchestras must be grounded, for Kenya to walk in serenity and ambiance to prosperity,” Mr Kabando said in a statement.

Political and church leaders who led the ‘No’ team in the referendum campaigns have been calling for negotiations over the contentious clauses. They have also called on President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to meet their campaign promises for Kenyans to pass the proposed constitution and amendments done later.

“The struggle for democracy is no dinner dance to take to the floor casually and intermitted,” Mr Kabando said.

The Mukurweini MP however said reconciliation of “passions and compassions” is key to enable all Kenyans reap the benefits of the new constitution.


He said those who lied and spread myths owe Kenyans an apology as “the new law will not punish legitimate land owners nor tax chicken.”

Mr Kabando also called on the government to continually carry out civic education on new constitution.

He urged Parliament to pass legislations for proper functioning of the new constitution.

“The implementation and transition requirements are just water tight. Unlike any other Bunge, the 10th national assembly is constitutionally obligated to comply and cause milestones. We should do just what is needed: operationalize our sweet Katiba,” he said.