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Holders of State offices expected to quit party jobs

Monday August 23 2010


Ministers and MPs will be required to stop holding positions in political parties once the new constitution is enacted on Friday.

Article 77(2) states that any person appointed as a State officer shall not hold office in a political party. State officers are listed in Article 260 which is on the interpretation of the Constitution.

State officers include President, Vice-President, ministers, Speaker, member of Parliament, judges and magistrates, member of a commission, Attorney-General and Director of Public Prosecutions.

Others are Secretary to the Cabinet, permanent secretaries, Chief of General Staff, Police Commissioner and any official serving in an office established and designated as a State office by legislation.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Mutula Kilonzo said this was one of the changes that Kenyans should wait for as the new Constitution is implemented.

He, however, added that this and other provisions which restrict the activities of State officers would pose a challenge to the country.


“State officers will not be allowed to hold positions in political parties. They are also not allowed by express provision of the new Constitution to hold any other job where they are earning a living so there will be challenges,” said Mr Kilonzo.

He was speaking when his ministry hosted the Kenya Private Sector Alliance for a discussion on the implementation of the new Constitution.

They also discussed the role of the private sector in the implementation of the new set of laws.