Reality Check Alpha, TPF Is Here To Make Money

Sunday July 1 2012

By PHILIP MWANIKI [email protected]

Alpha Rwirangira. Remember him? The wide eyed musician wannabe who came to Kenya and won our hearts with his little English and brilliant energy to bring any Lucky Dube song to life.

Well, he won Tusker Project Fame 3, bagged Sh5 million and decided to copy paste the whole Lucky Dube catalog in his music. Needless to say he failed and miserably.

His win was a huge deal in Rwanda, his home country, where he obtained the President’s scholarship to study Music and Business at Fulbright University in Ohio, United States.

But you would expect he is still his money and studying right? No. Not Alpha, he decided that the reason he failed after TPF was because of, not himself, but the good people at EABL who gave him a chance.

He showed up out of nowhere with a scathing attack at Tusker Project Fame saying that EABL is only interested in making money off the contestants calling it “a shame”.

He says that the show left him “hanging like lost sheep” after winning TPF3 and he tried to bring in other winners into the mix.

Now, I am not the biggest supporter of EABL because they only use TPF as an outing for their brands and want nothing to do with the talent in there, but I have to tell Alpha is to wait on this reality check I am about to write him and hopefully won’t take four days to get to him.

First, they gave you a platform through which the world came to know you and you nurtured your talent.

To top it off, they gave you Sh5 million. Why in all that’s dumb and dumber are you complaining?

Second, when you are out of the show, they are done with you. It is the same thing that happens in school, once you graduate, your contract with your school is done.

Your teacher will never come and help you write a CV or even get you a job, that is all up to you.

I think this is the dumbest thing I have heard so far. What did you want EABL to do, drive you around, give you motivation, book you studio time? You are mad because EABL makes money off you? What do you think they are, the UN?

Of course they are there to make money, why spend Sh300 million and not expect a return? Where do you think your cash prize came from? Davis is struggling, Esther and Valerie Kimani too?

Is EABL still holding on to their money? No. They have nothing to do with them once the cameras have stopped flashing and the papers stopped writing about you.

If you want to perform at TPF, I think the show will grant you a chance but that’s as far as they go.

You think Kelly Clarkson is where she is because of American Idol alone? She used the platform she got to go further and she probably doesn’t watch the show anymore.

Alpha and the rest whine flu victims need to realise that TPF gives you a mere 20 per cent and the rest 80 is up to you.

They are here to make money and lots of money, why not use them to make just as much?

But having said that, TPF needs to realise that the world is still waiting for their first success story since it is five years in and the only products they are churning out are the likes of Alpha. Talk about an Omega moment.