TECH BREAK: How about a feature to protect us from WhatsApp groups?

Wednesday March 18 2020

It's about time WhatsApp gave users a say in being added into WhatsApp chat groups. PHOTO| AFP


It’s about time we had a say regarding being added on WhatsApp chat groups.

With well over 1 billion users in over 180 countries across the World, social networking giant WhatsApp has been the ultimate go-to App for many as a tool to get in touch with family and friends.

Since its launch back in 2009, the platform has morphed from a text-based messaging platform into an whole rounded multimedia messaging one.

Users can now make free voice and video calls across the globe, share files, converse with others in a group setting and all these have truly revolutionised how we interact. For that we are grateful.

My issue with the platform concerns WhatsApp chat groups. Every time WhatsApp announces the launch of new features, I hope to no avail that they come up with a feature that will give users some control over being added in these WhatsApp groups.


Presently, as long as you are a WhatsApp user, you can be added into any group by any other user including those who are not on your contact list.

Some people will take the liberty to add you into groups without consulting you.

Of course can always leave a group which you deem irrelevant, but it is not always an easy thing to do.

It gets even messier when you "left" a family or close friends kind of group. In such cases, leaving can potentially severe important social ties.

If only WhatsApp can incorporate a feature that allows users to choose whether they wish to be part of a chat group, then such inconveniences could be avoided.