TECH BREAK: Why the Infinix Zero 5 is worth every cent

Saturday November 18 2017

Infinix Mobility recently launched its latest flagship device, the Zero 5, marking its entry into the dual back camera phones market. PHOTO| AUGUSTINE SANG


The recently unveiled Zero 5 marks Infinix Mobility's entry into the dual back camera phones market.

The dual back camera is proving to be a must-have feature in smartphone going by the latest trends.

The key highlights of this new device include the focus on power deliverability and a fluid performance which is

achieved by an Octa Core Helio P25 processor from Mediatek.

Random access memory (RAM) in this series is doubled to six gigabytes of DDR4 from the previous Zero 4’s three gigabytes.

This gives it a fluid performance when running applications and heavy games as well.


A photo shot by the Infinix Zero 5 phone. High camera quality is one of the reasons the phone is value for money. PHOTO| COURTESY

Internal storage comes in two variants, the base model holds 64GBs while the pro model doubles that to 128 GBs.

That's the main distinctive feature between the Infinix Zero 5 and the Infinix Zero 5 Pro.

I ran the device through Antutu benchmark, one of the most trusted benchmarking Apps among tech enthusiasts and the results were equally impressive.

It managed to hit an average score of 67,426, enough to run any task you throw at it.   

Another party piece for this device lurks at the back: the camera. Its dual setup of 12 MP wide-angle lens and 13 MP telephoto lens is a snappy shooter with lots of modes to tinker around with just to let get a good shot.  

Selfie lovers get a whooping 16MP front camera equipped with Bokeh effect and portrait modes to get those DSLR-like images. Images look very sharp and colourful, the Autofocus doesn't disappoint and video quality at 1080p is superb.


The company's previous model in the Zero series was well designed but looking at its predecessor hands-on, there is a notable improvement.

The build material housing the device feels comfy and doesn't easily get smudged with fingerprints.


A side view of the the Zero 5. PHOTO| AUGUSTINE SANG

Gold accents around the fingerprint scanner and along the chassis of the Zero 5 Pro adds an aesthetic value to the sandstone black colour of the phone.   

The earphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the phone next to mouthpiece, loudspeaker and thankfully, a USB type C port for faster charging and device connection - another first for Infinix.

The phone's 4350 mAh battery easily powers the device through an entire day of heavy usage and once plugged in for a recharge, it charges up quickly thanks to the integrated fast charging technology.


The device feels heavy and some users might find the phone too big to use one-handed. However, users can switch to one-handed mode using quick access setting provided in the notifications drop-down.


A closer look at the back of the Zero 5. PHOTO| AUGUSTINE SANG

The heavy feel you get when holding the device is partly due to the massive 4350mAh battery taking up most of the internal space.

Additional features integrated in the system such as the anti-theft feature, a split screen mode that allows you to run two apps at a go and the app account cloning feature that lets users have more than one accounts on apps like WhatsApp make the Zero 5 experience worthwhile.    

The flagship device comes in three colours, Bordeaux red, champagne gold and the sandstone black for the Pro model. Prices start at Sh26,999 for the Zero 5 and Sh29,999 for the Zero 5 Pro.

Infinix has consistently been proving itself as the go-to model for people with small budgets who want a high-end smartphone experience.

The specifications are arguably among the best out there at this price range.

If you are in the lookout for a new device then you should consider it for its massive battery, awesome design, superb back cameras and the fluid performance.