TECH BREAK: 6 fitness apps to help you keep fit and watch your weight

Friday November 10 2017

Everyone wants to eat healthy foods, enjoy

Everyone wants to eat healthy foods, enjoy great diets, transform their habits, remain healthy, toned up and lose as much weight as possible. PHOTO| FILE 

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At the Heart Symposium courtesy of Aga Khan University in Nairobi, Aga Khan University Hospital’s Chair of the Department of Medicine Prof Michael Chung held that the reason most Kenyans are scourged by heart diseases, diabetes and obesity is the failure to exercise.

World Health Organization in a September 2014 report observed that unhealthy dietary practices such as the intake of junk food high in salt, sugar and fats is making adults and children around the world obese and overweight increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.  

The following apps can help you watch your weight, track what you are eating, measure daily water intake and engage in easy workouts wherever you are to remain fit and healthy.


Everyone wants to eat healthy foods, enjoy great diets, transform their habits, remain healthy, toned up and lose as much weight as possible.

This app offers all these and more. With claims of over 88 per cent success among those who have used it, the app is superb for tracking food to ascertain calorie levels, customise your food diary, track water intake, import recipe or access its 6 million plus food database.

You only need to choose a fitness goal, such as weight gain or weight loss, set the goal and personalise it the way you want and change your habits.

You can add your friends for accountability and support and find motivation in the community as you read your friends updates in the newsfeed.


With hundreds of free workouts the app is a wonderful way of challenging your body with endurance, yoga, mobility to strength exercises.

The app helps you to train from anywhere and anytime even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

Personalise the workout recommended and choose any type of exercise within your level. Choose between 15.45 minutes workouts, high to low intensity training, yoga, advanced, intermediate to beginner levels or rep-based and time-based options among others.

Induce yourself with the motivating workouts of your sport celeb from Serena Williams, Kevin Hart, Alex Morgan to Cristiano Ronaldo. Are you a runner?

The Nike Run Club allows you to track each of your runs and have it recorded within the app including all your sporting or athletic activities such as soccer, basketball or studio classes.


Great for virtually anyone, anywhere, the app takes you in a 30-day fitness challenge with a clearly set exercise goal in mind. The exercises intensity will increase with each step to help you complete the entire 30 days without absconding. No gym is needed. Some of the features include easy-to-follow video guides, workout reminders on a daily basis and diverse body challenges such as full body and abs challenge. The challenges come with three unique levels from beginner to pro level. Simply choose the workout suited for your body type and level.


Unique fitness app from Google LLC, it helps you track your workout activities effortlessly. Your Android phone will log your activities, such as running, walking or cycling into the app.

You can interact with instant insights and stats on each of the activities as your elevation, speed, route or even pace is recorded to inspire you to work harder.

If you are using other apps such as MyFitnessPal the information will be aggregated to help you track your weight, sleep, diet and fitness. Newly added features include summaries of heart rate for those who engage in strength training.   


Without a doubt keeping the body hydrated has a bearing on your health. However, many people forget to take water and only remember when they are very thirsty.

An app from Leap Fitness Group, it helps those who need or want to drink enough water during the day, forget to gulp down any measure of water regularly or seek to lose weight through lifestyle changes.

The app only requires your current body weight and the amount of the fluid you need to take on a daily basis, perfect for your body, will be suggested. Reminders will ensure you do not miss taking your measure of water.

Those using Google Fit can sync their weight data with the app for a comprehensive fitness approach.


If running is your cup of Joe then this Runtastic fitness app is a must have. It improves your running training by tracking calories burned, elevation, speed, time and distance as you walk, bike, jog or run.

Features include GPS and running map fitness tracker, voice coach to boost your morale and ability to integrate with other apps such as MyFitnessPal and Google Fit.