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6 REASONS TO: Own a hoodie

Friday July 20 2018

You can count on a hoodie to keep away the cold.

You can count on a hoodie to keep away the cold. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE 

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July is almost over but a gut feeling tells me that this cold weather is not bidding us farewell anytime soon. If you remember correctly, we started freezing in June; much earlier than we had anticipated.

Gone were the days when the weather was predictable; I guess we have global warming and climate change to thank for that. Sigh.

With no telling what the weather holds for us tomorrow, it is only safe to stock your wardrobe with appropriate outfits for all seasons – and a hoodie should be top of your list.

Here are six reasons why:

1.They are warm. I have bought hoodies on impulse for precisely this reason. Have you ever left the house in a cute chiffon top or a sunny dress on a warm day only for the weather to pull a chilly number on out of the blues?

I do not know your experience, but this always happens the moment I get too far from the house to change. Since I do not subscribe to the ‘freeze-and-shine philosophy’, I have ended up buying hoodies like coffee to go.

However, the sting of such unbudgeted expenses disappears the moment I snuggle into the warm hoodie. You can count on a hoodie to keep away the cold.

Hoodies give you that laid-back look. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE

Hoodies give you that laid-back look. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE

2. They are stylish and comfortable. They come in different colours, have different designs and some even incorporate more than one material. Some have double hoods and front pockets that accentuate that laid-back look with swag.

If you love variety like I do, then hoodies are likely to leave you spoilt for choice.

Heart palpitations induced by limited options to choose from is not a concern when it comes to shopping for hoodies. If you love thrift shopping, then you know that the next stall always has more hoodies with better designs, and, at times, better prices.

The cherry on top is that most hoodies are unisex, which means you can “borrow” from your better half.

3.They can be customised. A personal favourite trend for me is customised hoodies. Did you know that you can purchase a plain hoodie and have a designer customise it for you with special messages and other materials such as bits of Ankara?

Imagine having bits of your old colourful T-shirts or dresses cut up into fancy designs and stitched on to that solid hoodie you bought for two cents because it didn’t have much madoido (decoration or fancy designs). If you know how to sew, you can actually do this yo