Coldwell launches integrated client handling system

Thursday February 25 2016

A screenshot of Coldwell Banker Kenya’s

A screenshot of Coldwell Banker Kenya’s website. The company is offering real estate players integrated services. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Coldwell Banker Kenya has launched a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which aims at driving sales for real estate companies in Kenya.

The subsidiary of the American real estate company, Coldwell Banker, will help Kenyan firms use technology to drive sales. The firm has created a platform to connect, market, and service clients globally. It will generate property leads locally and internationally

directly to real estate firms’ e-mail addresses, help them manage their property listings, conduct target marketing, track property payments and commissions, and track social media and e-mail activity.

It will also manage real estate firms’ contacts and personal schedules, provide reporting tools, assist in importing popular business software such as QuickBooks for accounting purposes, as well as act as a referral network for its agents.

“Networking globally is the way to go for real estate companies that are banking on growing their business and remaining competitive in today’s real estate space. Property leads generation today is more than the traditional practice of ‘I know a person who

wants to buy in a particular area,’” says Ms Danielle Callaway, the managing director, of Coldwell Banker Kenya. “Selling a property requires multiple leads in order to increase the chances of it being sold quickly.”

In addition, the system will also track every lead, right from when a purchase offer is made, when and how much commission is paid, the amount  that  goes to an agent or to the company, the tax element, if any, on the commission, and any other levies, Ms

Callaway says.

She notes that at the moment, most property listings in Kenya are not personalised, adding that if a potential buyer or tenant is looking for a three-bedroom apartment  to buy or rent in Lavington, for instance, many of the listings will give all the three-

bedroom apartments available in their databases, including those not in Lavington.


 “This puts off potential buyers, as the buying or renting process becomes cumbersome,” says Ms Calllaway. “The Coldwell Banker Kenya system has been designed to provide contact management systems where agents and real estate companies can get

scalable databases and categorise them, with the system able to match buyer preferences specific to seller offers.”

The system also links the properties from all Coldwell Banker agents with all its other agencies, effectively pooling all buyer and seller leads. It also enables companies to see the top choices in their listings, distinguish serious buyers from speculators, and also

update their listings to show changes in availability dates, or when a house is sold.

The system will  use its internal data to provide its members with industry data and statistics, market trends in pricing, rents, selling timelines, and geographical activity.

Further, the CRM system will provide planning facilitation for the real estate firms, including an online calendar that will smoothen  planning across scheduled meetings, real estate showings, automatic reminders and other real estate-related activities.

“The beauty about this is that the users can either adopt a calendar from the CRM’s templates, or if they are already using a Google calendar, for instance, they can  import it and continue using it. The option the user chooses will be integrated with all the

other information in their CRM account,” she adds.

“The system is cloud-based and available on multiple servers all over the world for security and scalability reasons. Users access its features using a username and password,” Ms Callaway explains.

Coldwell Banker is expanding in the sub-Saharan region, with its first office in Kenya. It is planning to launch operations in Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania in the near future.