Faux is the new fabulous

Thursday May 18 2017

Artificial flowers, fruits and grass can look just as good as the real thing. PHOTO | NATION

Artificial flowers, fruits and grass can look just as good as the real thing. PHOTO | NATION 

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We all want our living spaces to be stylish, have a personal touch and be impressive, and we can achieve this through interior and exterior design. However, some  decorating accessories that we would like to have in our spaces are way beyond our means.

Imitations — which are more socially acceptable when called “faux”, which means artificial in French — are gaining acceptance as alternative décor accessories, especially those that are almost  indistinguishable from  real ones. As a result faux décor items have instilled a confidence that people will not be able to distinguish them from the real ones, and they still have the desired effect, and at an affordable cost.

For interior décor enthusiasts who want to make  their homes into stylish and unique without spending too much, here  are some faux accessories to help them achieve that. 


Flowers add elegance, beauty and even fragrance to a room. Whether a bouquet, a centre piece or a flower basket, flowers can certainly transform any area. However, not everyone can afford  live  flowers frequently, or have the time to maintain them daily. Faux flowers present the perfect alternative.

Faux flowers were once  frowned upon because those available were made of plastic and looked obviously artificial, even from afar. Today, the unsightly plastic has given way to materials that look almost as natural as real flowers.

In fact, some look so real that you cannot tell that they are not real unless you touch them. Although they will not emit a nice scent like real flowers, faux flowers are the real deal for busy homeowners who still want to their houses looking nice and elegant. 


Just like flowers, live plants need constant care and maintenance, and for homeowners who do not have the time, patience or money to care for these plants, it becomes frustrating. Their faux alternatives, on the other hand, provide the same look at a fraction of the cost and time. Faux house plants that look real come in a large variety. Placing the plant in a vase or pot and filling it with soil will also trick people into believing it is a real plant, and fortunately, it will also not get damaged in the process.  


A fireplace is almost a standard feature in up-market homes. It is something  many people would love to have in their houses. However, due to space and cost constraints, this is not possible. Besides, rental apartments rarely incorporate it, so  tenants in such houses are unlikely to enjoy one. However, you can still get  a faux electric fireplace that not only has the illusion of burning wood but  also warms the house and does not consume a lot of electricity; it requiring just 220- to 240-volt bulbs. And unlike a real fireplace, this one adds a decorative element when not in use, and can also be used as a TV stand. 


Having a fruit basket as a centrepiece on  a table every day is not easy as the fruits will  ripen and have to be replaced frequently, making it an expensive undertaking.  Though one cannot enjoy faux fruits, they add a colourful and fresh look to a room. The faux fruits also allow one to change the centrepiece design and types of fruits displayed. 

Wooden floor panels

Wooden floors make for an elegant and  sophisticated look.  However, this flooring option is  not only expensive, but also costly to install and maintain.  Now you can achieve the great look with faux wooden flooring that is cheaper and  easy to maintain. 


In the past, the synthetic grass available an unnatural look and feel, which made it a poor substitute in gardens and on lawns. However, advances in technology and manufacturing have produced an alternative that is almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing. Today, you can get artificial grass that is thick, luxuriant and has  extra tufts to for use in high-traffic areas.

Artificial grass is now available for different turfs, with options for beautifying landscapes, comfortable and safe play areas for  children, and even commercial applications such as school playgrounds, corporate gardens and sports grounds.