Throw pillows add comfort, brighten up room

Wednesday September 7 2016

Throw pillows add warmth and comfort to the

Throw pillows add warmth and comfort to the living room, making you just want to sink onto the sofa after a hard day’s work. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Throw pillows add warmth and comfort to the living room, making you just want to sink onto the sofa after a hard day’s work. 

Throw pillows are gaining popularity as a décor item in many homes, and  if well designed and paired  can add glamour to a space. 

Having throw pillows does not have to be an expensive affair, especially if you already have fibre pillows. You can just give them a new look with covers. Below are a few tips on how to achieve that desired look.


You can have throw pillows of different textures to create variety in a room.They add an element of weight, thereby reducing monotony. Rough-textured throw pillows make a room feel more intimate while smooth textured-ones create a more formal feeling in a room.

Texture creates some balance in a living room and is very important if working within a colour palette in which the shades are not very different. In such a case, when throw pillows of very different textures are used together, they create harmony.


This entails working on the casings of your throw pillows. Prints come in a wide variety, including flowers and animals. For a great look, you can pair patterned and solid hue throw pillows. You can also pair big-patterned ones with small, subtle-patterned ones, as long as the colours do not clash. Different patterns, when arranged asymmetrically, keep the eye moving. This adds some visual depth. You can pair a number of different patterned throw pillows, as long as the colours blend well and are easy on the eye.


Throw pillows give you ample opportunity to experiment with colour. You can go for pastels or, if you’re more adventurous, you can go for bold colours like orange, pink or red, or bright green. Keeping a simple colour palette gives you room to play with the shape of the pillows.


You can also add some art to a throw pillow if you are the adventurous type. This can be an embroidery, writings, or a picture. You can then  outline the artwork with some some beads.


Many homes have square throw pillows, but you can have them in  virtually any shape you want. You can have rectangular, oval, cylindrical or even round ones.

And if you want to go a step further, you have them in the shape of stars, hearts or even the moon. If you have young kids, you can have these unusual shapes  to make the room friendly for them.