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6 REASONS TO: Give him space this World Cup season

Wednesday July 11 2018

Let your man watch the World Cup. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH

Let your man watch the World Cup. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH 

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If you happen to be clueless about football, then these past few weeks must have been a pain as far as Mr. Man is concerned. Well, unless he is not a football fan or is a wannabe. I bet you are tired of having all your plans postponed to after World Cup too.

How many times have you secretly rejoiced when his team lost and you were thinking, “he is all mine” only to see him fall in love fiercely with whatever team is surviving? You are left wondering how he morphed from a diehard Brasil fan to a Belgium fanatic complete with a jersey swap.

I overheard one say that he will keep changing teams until he wins the World Cup. Oh the agony! 

You may have become well acquainted with loneliness over the past few weeks courtesy of the World Cup. From your man, to hangout friends, heck! Even those Indian stalkers are not sliding in the DM anymore. Now you are starting to miss them and their corny one-liners.

You freeze there on DMs across all platforms because God forbid! you send a text in the middle of a match. A generous serving of blue ticks is all the response you will get. Understandably so because how do you expect him to chat “over de bar” while replying to your texts?

I wouldn’t subject myself to the pain of unanswered texts and neither should you. You should consider leaving him to his game as the season draws to an end, for the following reasons:


1. World Cup comes once in four years

Trust me, he has plenty of time to make up for the lost time particularly if the relationship is just starting out. Take comfort in knowing that he cares enough about you to be honest about his desire to watch the game without interruption.  You will not have to worry about this craze for another four years.

2. It is an opportunity for some real ‘me-time’

If you live together then this is a really solid reason for you. When he is occupied watching the game, go ahead and enjoy a luxurious soak in the tub. There is no way he is going to come chasing after you in the bathroom if a match is on.

Get some scented candles, exotic oils, a nice book and a tall glass of wine to calm your nerves. Let your skin soak in pure goodness.  It could be the only time he won’t burst in wanting to get freaky, trust soccer.

3. It is a learning opportunity

You will learn how your man handles failure or success. When his team loses, how does he take it? Every day soccer matches and the World Cup is not exactly the same thing. The stakes are definitely higher in the latter. Observe how he handles the sting of a loss. Also be keen on how he handles a win.

Girl, these are some of the most accurate reactions you will ever read in your man. Actually you can bottle these reactions and use them as litmus test for future reference.

“Sweetheart, do I look hot in these pants. Do they excite you?”

“Yes honey – ”

Pause. Observe. The excitement on his face, is it the same as when Brasil got thrashed saving him a small fortune in bets?


4. You finally get to listen to him without your own strong opinions and beliefs

Need I expound on this? Most men have a keen sense of rumour when it comes to contributing to casual conversations such as on sex, food, fashion, events, babies et cetera. We do most of the talking as it is.

But football? He will have a field day throwing around names, facts and figures. Sit through all these post-match narrations as you watch him battle the urge to give a PowerPoint presentation.

5. It is an opportunity to meet his friends.

Do not throw the stones yet – just let me break this down before you break my bones. He could be feeling bad about leaving you in the house by yourself to go watch the game in a bar.

If he decides to have his friends come over, then you will get to meet them. I’m still not sure how exactly this is beneficial but my gut says there has to be some good in knowing a handful of your man’s crew.

No, I’m not going to suggest you cook for them. Even I know that is really pushing it.

6. You would want the space too

Have you ever made plans to go somewhere then he cancelled sending you in a frenzy of joyful cartwheels because you were hoping he would let you be?

It was a Friday evening and you are heading home after a devilish week. You have picked a tantalising read from the bookstore and chicken wings to-go. You get home, kick off the shoes and slide into the shower.

After that, you throw on an oversized shirt and walk barefooted to the kitchen. You eat the spicy wings straight from the box. Later, you nestle in that comfy beanbag which feels like a warm hug from your chubbiest friend. And as you sip on wine, your phone beeps.

It is him texting you; “So sorry babe. Can we reschedule?” You had even forgotten he was to come over. Relief washes over you but you still send a sad face quickly followed by, “Sure darling. Tomorrow is fine. I love you.” You do not add “can’t wait to see you” lest he takes that as a cue to come pulling you away from your chubby hug beanbag.

That feeling – the relief – is what he feels when you do not blow up his phone with text messages during the game.