Fries with that? How to make a delicious desert locust meal

Thursday February 20 2020

A plate of desert locusts ready for cooking. You can eat them alone or serve when hot with chips, rice, or ugali with some vegetables. PHOTO| PETER MUSA

Ashton Maungu, a chef at International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), Nairobi shares a recipe for making a delicious desert locust meal.

Ingredients: desert locusts, salt, vinegar/lemon juice, paprika, white pepper, eggs, wheat flour, bread crumbs, garlic paste.

Method of cooking

  • If the locusts are still alive, put them in hot, salty water.

  • Boil for about three to five minutes to soften body muscles and loosen the wings and the legs.

  • Remove the locusts from the hot boiling water and pour them in a strainer. Wash them with cold running water.

  • One by one, pluck the wings and limbs.

  • Twist the heads of the insects gently and pull it to remove the internal organs.

  • Rinse the locusts in clean warm water, then put them on a dry cloth to allow the water to drip off.

  • In a small bowl, marinate the locusts by adding one tea-spoonful of garlic, salt to taste, add some few drops of white vinegar, few drops of mustard sauce, a tea-spoonful of paprika.

  • Dust the already marinated locusts with wheat flour.

  • In a different small bowl, put 1-2 eggs and mix with a folk.

  • Dip the locusts in the eggs; remove the locusts one by one, and coat them with bread crumbs to make them crunchy.

  • Deep-fry your crumb-coated locusts until golden brown for about three to five minutes.

  • Remove the readily cooked locusts and spread them on a grease-proof paper to remove excess oil.

  • You can serve them hot with chips, rice, or ugali with vegetables.