SHOWBUZZ: Marya is single again

Saturday July 21 2018

‘Chokoza’ hit singer Marya is back in the headlines again after confirming she is now single having split from her baby daddy. PHOTO | FILE


‘Chokoza’ hit singer Marya is back in the headlines again after confirming she is now single, having split from her baby daddy. Marya stepped into the limelight with the song "Hey Baby" which featured Colonel Mustapha, nine years ago.

Besides her music, Marya’s popularity increased due to her love relationship with rapper Mustapha that turned sour.

After two years of dating and living together, the couple had a nasty spilt in 2011 with Marya moving back to her parents’ house.

She then took a hiatus from the music and has never really been back. During the hiatus Marya met Dubai-based Kevin Mutisya and started another relationship, which was blessed with a son who was born in January 2017.

The two kept their love life private until recently when Marya broke the news on her social media handles that she was now a single mum.

“They wished and their wishes were granted. Being a single mum will not be easy but God will guide me through,” she wrote in a post which she later pulled down.


This news comes just months after Marya announced she got saved.



Jalang’o: I was nervous!

Top comedian and Mcee Jalang’o has revealed that hosting former US president Barrack Obama’s function was the most difficult event he has ever handled.

Jalang’o, who was the Master of Ceremony when Barrack Obama visited the country early this week to preside over the launch of his half-sister Auma Obama Sauti Kuu Foundation, said he wasn’t sure if he was up to the task.

“I was very nervous because I was not sure I would be able to handle such a big event,” the comedian is quoted.

Jalang’o, who is eyeing a political seat come 2022, went on to add that he had to go through a thorough grilling process from Obama’s security detail before he was cleared.

“I had to go through meetings and interviews, where I would meet the secret service. It was a long process. I could not use my phone a few days to the event due to security reasons,” he added.

Before Obama’s event, Jalang’o said his biggest event he has ever hosted was the 2010 World Cup in South Africa however it went unnoticed because there were no selfies then that he would have used to take credit.


Kenyan urban hip-hop group Camp Mullah has made a U-turn over their decision to reunite. PHOTO | FILE

Camp Mullah can’t put heads together

Kenyan urban hip-hop group Camp Mullah that took the Kenyan industry by storm about seven years ago, becoming the first Kenyan creative to bag a BET nomination in 2012,has made a U-turn over their decision to reunite.

Camp Mullah which broke into the limelight releasing a couple of hits such as ‘Party Don’t Stop’, ‘Hold it down’ ‘Fresh All day’ was set to reunite by dropping an album.

The group made the announcement in September last year during a surprise performance at the Tekno concert.

Since the announcement, fans have been waiting for the group to drop the album as promised by it seems that won’t happen as the group is dead for good. This is according to Ms. Karun, the vocalist.

“Putting four heads together isn’t always smooth sailing, especially when you’ve all grown so much. We really tried to work this past couple of months and unfortunately it turned out not to be the best fit for all of us. We’re sorry that fans had to go through that,” Ms. Karun revealed.

Camp Mullah split in 2013 after five years together to pursue solo projects but neither of the members has been successful as it were while they were together.

UMG now sets base in Africa

One of the biggest music labels in the world, Universal Music Group (UMG), has expanded its base in Africa.

The Los Angeles based label, that is estimated to be worth $40 billion dollars and controlling about 30 per cent of the global market, recently expanded its operation in Africa by setting up more offices.

UMG, which signed Diamond Platinumz and Vanessa Mdee in 2017, last week opened its new office in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, to serve the Western Africa market.

It opened another office in Lagos, Nigeria, this week that will work with an existing office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

These developments comes just three months after the label bought 70 per cent majority stake in Kenyan label, AI Records.

“The signings we have already made show our ambition to help our (local) artistes rich the widest global audience,” said Ezegozie Eze Jr, who was named general manager UMG, Nigeria.

Other top African artistes signed to UMG include Mr Eazi, Stonebowy, and Tekno.

UMG quest is also to rival its biggest competitor Sony Music Group that has stars like Alikiba, Davido, Wizkid among others, under its wings.


Ezegozie Eze Jr, the general manager UMG, Nigeria. Universal Music Group (UMG) is one of the biggest music labels in the world. PHOTO | FILE

MCSK wars

Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) has bashed the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) for misleading the public that it had been legally reinstated to issue licences to broadcasters and performers following a High Court ruling.

MCSK, at the centre of a storm for not paying local artistes loyalties collected on their behalf, had its licence expire last year and KECOBO declined to renew it following multiple complaints from creatives and other entertainment quarters.

This prompted MCSK to go to court.

Last week, a three-judge bench comprising RN Sitati, DS Manjanja and TW Cherere at Kakamega High Court ruled in a case in which three petitions were consolidated.

The bench nullified the one-year licence issued to Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE) to operate as a Collective Management Organization (CMO) stating it hadn’t factored in public participation.

However, the bench didn’t find any fault with the 2018 licence issued to the association. The ruling also directed MSCK to account for royalties it collected last year despite the fact its licence had expired.

Following the directive MCSK put a notice in the local dailies that it had been reinstated by the courts.

This promoted KECOBO to issue a statement this week, insisting that such was not the case as per the ruling and, for avoidance of doubt, stated that only MPAKE, PRISK (Performing Rights Society of Kenya) and KAMP (Kenya Association of Music Producers) have the mandate to collect royalties for 2018. KECOBO also made it clear it will not be issuing any other licence until next year.