TECH BREAK: All about Instagram TV

Monday June 25 2018

The Instagram TV app on a mobile phone. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL


Instagram has rolled out Instagram TV, abbreviated as IGTV, to its one billion users worldwide.

The service, available as an app, allows users to watch and share longer videos – up to an hour long.

This is one of the platform’s strongest points as Instagram currently limits users to share 3-60-second-long videos on the platform.

Another aspect that makes IGTV different is its video orientation. Instagram TV videos are vertical unlike the conventional landscape ones we are accustomed to. The content fills the screen completely on smartphones.

With this feature, it is apparent that the service is likely to run exclusively on mobile devices. A desktop version is currently unavailable.

When you open the app, videos load automatically based on the Instagram accounts you follow on your conventional Instagram account, but that is only if they have created a connected IGTV channel.


You can also upload your own videos once you have created your channel. According to Instagram, anyone can be a creator.

Both Android and IOS users can download the app on their respective app stores for free, and connect it with their Instagram account.

If you are not interested in sharing videos, you can still enjoy IGTV videos on the conventional Instagram App by clicking on the IGTV icon. 

Here's a quick Summary of IGTV:

  • Video length is from 15 seconds up to one hour.
  • Videos are vertical and viewed on full screen.
  • Creators have their own channels, much like YouTube and anyone can create a channel.
  • Users can like, comment and share videos (via Direct).
  • IGTV is available as a stand-alone app, but you can still access IGTV on Instagram.