Play of the Week – ‘Haicia Bendera’ (hoist the flag) by Fanaka Arts

Friday February 12 2016

Theatre Personality of the Week – Victor

Theatre Personality of the Week – Victor Nyaacha. PHOTO| CIKU KIMANI 

Theatre Personality of the Week – Victor Nyaacha

Four desperate women fighting for one man. The man will, hilariously, make the women’s lives a nightmare by making sure that his stomach is not the only way they will get to his heart. The women’s battle is taken to hilarious levels, especially by one

surprise at the end.

Q. Tell us a little of  your acting history.

A. I started acting when I was in Standard Six and continued through to high school. I even dropped out of college to follow my passion. It’s only now that I am doing my degree.

Q. Anything else you do apart from acting?

A. I direct church plays, I sing (off key) and dance (off beat). I also do marketing for this company.

Q. Give us a little peep into the part you are playing?

A. I am playing James, a cleaner. On this particular I am cleaning for my friend, who needs to convince his visiting boss that he is a family man. Without my friend’s knowledge, I “transform” into a woman, which my friend did not know was my plan.

To find out what happens, come and watch the play.

Q. What are you most afraid of on stage?

A. The delivery. It is one thing to get on stage, but quite another to deliver. At the end of the day, it’s about being able to pull off my characters well and delivering the intended message.

Q. Any visible differences between acting when you started and right now, financially and opportunity wise?

A Oh yes, a very big one. Many people know about theatre now, and the more people know about your talent, the more they want to watch you, the more opportunities you get, and the more you get paid.

Q. Have you ever been on any TV programme?

A. I have been on Lokoloko and Twisted, the Sense 8 series and many other short films on YouTube.

Q. If you were president for a day, what would you do?

A. Hahaha. I would set up an acting academy and make art a priority in this country. Acting is still struggling in terms of recognition. I would also issue a directive that all ministries send a few people to watch theatre plays. In this regard, I would be a dictator.

Q. What would you never leave the house without?

A. My ATM card. I remember I once got stranded in town and realised I had forgotten it. I had to borrow money from a beggar to get me home. It felt very awkward!

 Q. Do you have a five-year plan?

A. I hope to have built my brand, become a known actor, and a good one at that. I want to have built my own home and to have  my dream car.

Q. What is at the top and bottom of your bucket list?

A. At the top, win an Oscar. At the bottom, win a Sanaa Award.

Q. If you won a Sh100 million in a lottery, what would you do with it?

A. First, buy my dream car, an Audi Q7. Second, build a house. Some portion of it would go to charity. I would then take myself to Miami and enjoy the sun over there.

Q. Do you wear pink?

A. I once wore pink shoes and my colleagues were a little uncomfortable; they told  me it is  a colour for girls.  I am straight, I do not want people to think otherwise!

Q. If you were to invite one person for lunch, who would it be?

A. Victoria Rubadiri. I would discuss the secret behind her beauty.

Q. If you were to go back to high school…

A. I would try to love mathematics. I would quit the high school love stuff, it never gets you anywhere.


Watch Victor and the cast at the Alliance Française Auditorium from February 9 to February 14, 2016. Weekday show time at 6.30pm; weekends at 3pm and 6pm. Tickets cost Sh599 and are available at the Alliançe Francaise reception. You can also book on 0722-745541 or 0737-745541. Mpesa till number 747722.