‘We are many bodies but one divine spirit’

Thursday January 14 2016

Lust of a Dying Breed is a heavy metal band that was formed in  2010.  ILLUSTRATION | JOSEPH NGARI

Lust of a Dying Breed is a heavy metal band that was formed in  2010. ILLUSTRATION | JOSEPH NGARI 

Q. Please introduce yourself.

A. I am a lover of heavy metal music and an entrepreneur who does vocals in the band, Lust of a Dying Breed. 

Q.How did you come up with the name?

A. The name symbolises man’s dynamic struggle to survive and give up at the same time. At the time Lust of a Dying Breed was formed, Africa generally didn’t have as many metal fans as it does now, so we were a dying breed.  

Q. Tell us a little about the other members of the band?

A. We have a new line-up of passionate artists. Lord Bloodlust on vocals, Lord Starchild on guitars, and George Atsula on the drums  – most  readers will know him from his days with Void of Belonging. 

Q. The band has undergone drastic changes in its line-up since its conception. What are the new guys bringing that was missing?

A.  The new members are quite phenomenal. Lord Bloodlust has clean vocal techniques while Lord Starchild is an accomplished guitarist. 

Q. What subject(s) does  your new album, Pyramid Entity, address?

A. Speaking of pyramids. The new project covers topics such as self-realisation, higher selves, Omni excellence, the Supreme Being and eating chicken. We want people to realise that we are one family; many bodies but one divine spirit. Religion is no cause for separation, nor race or status. 

Q. Any in terms of technique?

A. Technical riffing, emotional cleans, brutal growls, sentimental solos, atmospheric sounds and of course, some brain-frying breakdowns in the mix.

Q. There has been criticism that Lust of a Dying Breed has adopted a more contemporary approach, that sounds mainstream. Is this intentional?

A. I believe that art is evolution. It is creating new worlds in the present, so if our form of expression seems mainstream to some individuals, we let them be. Perceptions differ, but as long as we pass our message across, I can eat my arrowroots in peace. 

Q. To what would you attribute the general lull on the local rock scene ?

A. I would say people are getting older so, automatically, they have more responsibilities, and therefore have to put more time into work. 

Q. Famous last words?

A. It’s either a pinkie or it’s metal horns. 

Q. How well gelled is the Lust of a Dying Breed machine now?

A. I would say very well gelled. The band is  very mature now, both musically and relationally.