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SHOWBUZZ: Dr Ofweneke ready to remarry

Monday September 3 2018

Comedian Dr. Ofweneke  poses for a picture during the launch of the new look Kibao Vodka  on March 21, 2018.

Comedian Dr. Ofweneke poses for a picture during the launch of the new look Kibao Vodka on March 21, 2018. PHOTO| FILE| NATION 

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Dr Ofweneke ready to remarry

Comedian Dr Ofweneke would love to remarry even though his first marriage, to gospel singer Nicah, failed.

The two were together for a while and were blessed with kids, but they later had a nasty fallout and Nicah accused Ofweneke of physical abuse while the comedian accused her of infidelity.

The two artistes later moved on with their lives, maintaining a cordial relationship for the sake of their children. However, they have both ruled out a possibility of them ever re-uniting as a couple, with Nicah categorically stating that she will “never go back to Egypt.”

Same is the case with Dr Ofweneke, who said he enjoyed his marriage with Nicah while it lasted but would love to get married to someone else in the future. “It was good when it lasted and I enjoyed my marriage but I will marry again when the right time comes,” Dr Ofweneke stated.

Vanessa doing shows with lover

Celebrated Bongo Flava songbird Vanessa Mdee has opened up on why she has lately been doing music tours together with her boyfriend, singer Juma Jux.

The two love birds never accompanied each other for shows previously. When the question was put to Jux, then, he responded by stating that they wanted people to understand that there is a huge difference between their relationship and their musical careers. However, the script has now changed and the two, who recently concluded their national tour, have offered a different reason for their newfound bond.

According to Vanessa, her tagging Jux to each of her concerts is to prove to people that there is more to them than just being lovers.

“I did the tour with Juma because we are more than a couple. There are people who only choose to see us that way but we wanted to show them that, though we are love birds, we can also do great shows together as musicians, with each of us bringing a different energy.”

Tidal flows to the Pearl of Africa

Mogul American rapper Jay Z has decided to invest heavily in Uganda. This is after the 48-year-old, whose net worth is estimated $900 million, expanded his Tidal Company into the neighbouring country.

The US-based music streaming service, founded by the hip hop entrepreneur, commenced its business a few days ago following an official launch.

The launch was done in partnership with Uganda’s largest telecom company, MTN, which will give it access to its more than 10 million subscribers.

Speaking on the latest development, Tidal’s Chief Operating Officer, Lior Tibon, said Africa has been an inspiration for music all over the world.

“Africa is a continent that has long been an inspiration for music heard around the world and Tidal is excited to highlight the vibrant musicians on our platform. Tidal is also thrilled to bring a new wave of digital music to Uganda,” said Tibon.

Elani’s call to action

VOCAL Kenyan pop group Elani, who broke their musical hiatus in July, with their first single “Heartbeat” have joined Sauti Sol in music activism.

Barely two weeks after Sauti Sol dropped their patriotic single ‘Tujiangalie”, a song in which they reflect on the numerous corruption scandals witnessed in the country over the last couple of years and urging Kenyans to be on the lookout, Elani followed suit by releasing “Mahindi”.

In the song, their second one since re-emerging on the music scene, the trio of Brian Chweya, Wambui Ngugi and Maureen Kunga discuss the rising food insecurity in the country, strongly appealing to Kenyans to stop being silent about it.

Speaking on the song, Elani called Kenyans to actions suggest that they step up and address the issue.

“We need to change the course of action from chronic hunger, industrial agriculture and food aid, to a discussion about food right and accountability. We cannot let our people starve to death and not raise our voices. We cannot be quiet about it. It’s time we discuss it,” Elani stated.