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2015’s Most #Buzzing

Saturday December 26 2015

Until the leader of the free world jams to your tune next time he’s in town, no one can claim to have enjoyed the success Sauti Sol recorded in 2015. PHOTO | FILE

Until the leader of the free world jams to your tune next time he’s in town, no one can claim to have enjoyed the success Sauti Sol recorded in 2015. PHOTO | FILE 


Floyd Mayweather

As Floyd Mayweather drifts into retirement, he leaves behind a rich legacy worth millions of dollars, with 2015 accounting for over $300 million of his present net worth. His victory over Manny Pacquiao earlier this year set an unprecedented record in the sporting world as the sportsman commanded the attention of a cross-section of Kenyans, marking an international highlight for the boxing profession.  

Njoki Chege

The City Girl has trended herself into a viral sensation, thanks to her controversial pieces that tickle plus-sized single women and rile Roysambu and South B Subaru drivers in a single stride. Njoki’s regulars have contributed heavily to the 2015 social media feminist manual and made her a recurrent feature in many drinking dens, as well as radio talk shows. 

Ahmed Darwesh

The death of mild mannered news anchor Ahmed Darwesh brought down the curtains on a lustrous career and closed one of the most inspiring chapters in local television. 

Benson Wanjau

Vitimbi comedian Mzee Ojwang moved on to the afterlife after a decorated career spanning decades and thousands of on screen hours. Kenyans celebrated the demise with glowing tribute and unanimous admiration of the veteran actor’s commendable contribution to the acting field. 

Fidel Odinga

His passing away was a blow not only to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s family and close friends but to the nation as a whole. His behind-the-scenes involvement in showbiz was vital to the industry’s growth, and his absence is bound to leave a scar on the local entertainment fraternity. 

Sauti Sol

Until the leader of the free world jams to your tune next time he’s in town, no one can claim to have enjoyed the success Sauti Sol recorded in 2015. The quartet have become a poster brand for hard work and determination, with a record setting album to show for it. Salute to the Sol generation.

Sharon Mundia

“Breaker of the Internet, wearer of fabulous clothes and owner of good looks”. Yup, sounds about right if This Is Ess comes to mind from such a description. The media personality and fashion blogger made headlines this year with a trending marriage proposal, globe trotting exploits and often winning endorsements that qualify her as Kenya’s certified fashion queen. 


Zambia’s Roberto struck an ambient cord with Kenyan club-goers with his hit single Amarula that has dominated local airwaves all through the year. The artiste’s Kenyan visit was largely well received, consolidating his spot as the year’s regional break-out star. 

Sandra Bossett

In perhaps the most naked Vera Sidika-inspired display of ratchetness yet, ‘Sandra Bossett’ delivered a succulent feast for #TeamMafisi when she pulled an “Adults Only” rated timeline strip show a few months ago. Her displays, which left many a WhatsApp group wagging and dripping, should provide sufficient reference material for a blog post about body shapes and lingerie, or something of that sort. Also, is Bossett an official surname among those of the lavish socialite trade now, or what? 

Emmanuel Otieno

University student Emmanuel Otieno, aka Jadudi, cast a spotlight on the Africa Cancer Foundation’s efforts against the deadly disease when he consolidated national goodwill through one of the many successful initiatives.   

Irene Stefani Nyaatha

Kenya hosted a historic beatification on Africa soil, as Sister Irene Stefani Nyaatha was elevated to sainthood this May. The once in a lifetime event placed the spotlight on Nyeri County, as thousands of people across the country and the world came to mark the occasion. 

Miss Jay

It was never immediately clear whether Jackson Irungu’s transition from an “entombed” Jaffar to a Caitlyn Jenner-esque Jay was purely cosmetic or biologically transformative. We can only hope for Jackson’s sake that Jaffar is now comfortably settled in Jay’s new skinny jeans. Her dress, his choice, yes? 

Halima Nasir

Halima bent over backwards for her 15 minutes of fame and was rewarded with more Twitter followers than she could buy when she ‘Molissed’ a fast one out of DJ Crème earlier in the year. Fortunately for the reverend decksman, it won’t be so hard for us to forget and move on from his dreary indiscretion when the next unsolicited leak comes around. Hopefully for him, it won’t be too long. 


It was not incidental that Google ranked betting as one of the most searched topics by Kenyans on the global information network. SportPesa’s growing popularity has elevated the platform to a domestic phenomenon as a growing number of savvy Kenyans chase the ever elusive jackpot in pursuit of their big break. Hopefully, this will translate to increased opportunities as the gambling entity seeks to strengthen its relationship with showbiz entertainers through concerts and endorsements.

Steve Mbogo

He came, he saw and he bought a house on a hill. But he didn’t really pay for it. Just like he made the Forbes list but was never quite on it. Or how he acquired a litany of blue chip companies but none of the owners have a clue who he is. Maybe we should just linger on the fact that he sponsored that DJ Pierra video and he attended the “Grand Pricks” and rented a boat that was used by Trey Songz but he was never on any of their photos. LOL! 


Pastor Kanyari’s incredulous spectacles formed one of the year’s foremost talking points as the controversial preacher stirred a wave of controversy that dominated national headlines for weeks on end. Let’s agree, the man is a genius in his own way — you can’t fool so many people at the same time for that long.