ACTSCENE: Judy Maina – I’m a feminist

Saturday September 2 2017

Judy Maina is an actor and a student at Africa

Judy Maina is an actor and a student at Africa Nazarene University, majoring in Mass Communication and Broadcast. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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This young and ambitious actress was glad to have been featured as the main star in the political web series Ms Politician where she played an aspiring candidate. She talked to ActScene about the film especially during this turbulent election period.


Who is Judy Maina?

I am an actor and a student at Africa Nazarene University, majoring in Mass Communication and Broadcast. I actually intend to be a news anchor when I’m done with my education. I’m a simple person, motivated, hard working and a feminist. This is the age of women empowerment.


When did you start acting?

At Olympic Primary School where I was in the drama club and remember when I was on stage I would get this adrenaline rush and felt like the stage is where I belonged. After joining the professionals I was comfortable with the small roles that they gave me. I gave it my all and knew I would slowly but surely progress.


Why an anchor?

It has been a passion of mine, especially watching Julie Gichuru when she used to do the news. She has been my role model and I remember I used to tell my mother one day I’ll be like her. Another thing is that I have always wanted to be in front of the camera. I feel like that is where I belong. I love talking to people and interacting with them. I’m a people person.


What role did you play in the political web series Ms Politician?

I played Sifa Dede. Most of the shows I watch do not have a strong female lead, so when I got it, I embraced it fully. I have always believed women can change the world and having this opportunity opened my eyes and gave me an opportunity to change minds that we can do it as same as the men.


How was it shooting the show during the political season?

It was like an exam leakage, I used to watch politicians doing their campaigns and tried to bring the same energy to the show. Before the show I was not that much into politics. When I got the role I had to do a lot of research. Things like; How does Hillary Clinton talk? Michelle Obama’s dress code and the passion they had. But also the people behind the show motivated me a lot. It was an honour to be a politician for a while.


Who did you follow in Kenya?

I loved Rachel Shebesh, she is very strong willed and doesn’t let anyone push her around or tell her what to do. When she believes in something, she goes for it.


How do you unwind?

I love to write poems, I sing a bit and try to sing them. But at the end of the day, I am a big sister to a lot of people. Most of the time I like hanging out with my family. I’m more of an indoor person.