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CENTRESTAGE: Masters of deception

Sunday August 26 2018

Could singer Otile Brown’s break up with popular socialite Vera Sidika be another of his publicity stunts just to push his music and brand? PHOTO| COURTESY

Could singer Otile Brown’s break up with popular socialite Vera Sidika be another of his publicity stunts just to push his music and brand? PHOTO| COURTESY 

Could singer Otile Brown’s break up with popular socialite Vera Sidika be another of his publicity stunts just to push his music and brand? Pulling off controversial stunts in the showbiz scene, popularly referred to as “kiki” across the borders in neighbouring Tanzania, has been a strategy employed by artistes who seek to reignite their popularity, or for those who seek to attract public debate.

Over time, Kenyan celebrities’ stunts had become so predictable to the public that they were no longer fooled by them. This situation has now forced celebrities to be more creative in coming up with stunts that are almost too believable.



Certain quarters believe the recent break-up between the couple could be just yet another prank, despite the two categorically stating that they are done for good after about five months of dating.

In July, Otile released his latest track “Baby Love” featuring Vera as the video vixen.

Weeks before the release of the song, the two lovebirds were on a vacation in Mauritius, sharing online pictures and videos of every moment of their adventure. A few days after returning home, both deleted each other’s pictures on their social accounts. This raised rumours and speculations that the two might or could have broken up and many believed they were no longer together. Neither Otile nor Vera came out to clarify the situation then.

Days later, as the debate kept gaining momentum, Otile released the “Baby Love” video. It amassed over 200 thousand views on YouTube within 24 hours, hitting the million mark after a week.



In April, Otile claimed his enemies in the showbiz world were responsible for his hit song’s deletion on his YouTube channel over copyright claims, just few days after its release.

“Chaguo La Moyo” had over 1.4 million views when it was unexpectedly deleted after a Janet Kipsang claimed copyright infringement.

The singer took to Instagram to share his disappointment and assured fans that the situation was under control. “ … I am not even mad just disappointed how people can be this mean in this game,” part of his long post read.

Rapper Nyashinski commented to encourage him, while famed afro-fusion star Dan Aceda advised him to reach out to veteran Calif Records producer, Clemo, said to be working with YouTube Kenya, for help.

However, a section of fellow artistes claimed that Otile had actually deactivated the song from public viewership on his channel account and only he could see it. Few days later the song was back and currently has over 4 million views.



During the Jameson Connects Kenya concert last year at Uhuru Gardens, pallbearers wearing black hoodies carried a white coffin on to the stage.

When they put it down, the frame of lyrical rapper Khaligraph Jones with a microphone in his hand emerged from it. Behold, suddenly there was silence from the crowd. Fans who had thronged the venue couldn’t believe what they had just seen as the rapper stretched out in all black like a resurrected man.

As this wave of uncertainty reigned, Khaligraph commanded the stage with terrific performances from his songs, including “Mazishi” distract to other rappers in which he depicts their ‘death’ in the game.



Four years ago, before the release of his hit song “Kipepeo”, the now Starehe MP, Jaguar was at the centre of a battle for supremacy with rapper CMB Prezzo regarding who was richer between them.

Pictures of Jaguar standing next to a jet threw the entertainment industry into a spin, as rumours emerged that he had purchased the jet.

Later, it was confirmed that the musician had only hired the said jet for his upcoming video. Everyone was anxious to see it. When the song was finally released it became a major hit enjoying massive airplay.



From the start, nothing about the beef was real. This was in October last year when Eric and the rapper had a “beef” out of the blues.

The comedian claimed Khaligraph was flossing a red Range Rover that belonged to a sugar mummy.

The rapper went ahead to compose a song ridiculing Eric, and even claiming he was the one who hooked him up with his first gig which paid him Sh25,000. It was revealed later that they had been hired to publicise the launching of a new social media App.



Just as the Khaligraph beef, this was all fake with its intention being to popularise a new marketing App.

Eric and his Italian girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli, managed to fool their fans with their impeccable acting skills. In the video, the comedian is slapped by the lass after she finds out that he was sending other ladies airtime via the App, which offered rewards and discounts to clients every time they topped up.

As it turned out it was all a marketing strategy.



 In 2016, gospel musician Kevin Bahati accused fellow gospel star, Daddy Owen, of taking advantage of blind gospel singer Denno.

 Bahati alleged that Daddy Owen swindled Denno of proceeds to the tune of Sh1 million generated from their hit song “Mbona”. Many commentators saw Bahati as a whistle-blower, though some were sceptical. A few weeks later Bahati and Denno released a collabo “Story Yangu” that did well.