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Couples banking on love

Sunday March 3 2019

Some couples who have been able to build a marketable force around their togetherness.

Some couples who have been able to build a marketable force around their togetherness. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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The power of love is a magnificent thing, especially when two people are able to harness it to reach new heights. MERCY KAVUTHA looks at some couples who have been able to build a marketable force around their togetherness.

An article by Bolde describes a power couple as two people who are fairly stirring separately, but put together are a true force to be reckoned with. These star pairings combine their talents, passions, and opportunities to generate exciting contributions to society packed full of inspiration, creativity, and, by all means, love.

Now, for the run-of-the-mill couple, daily life constitutes no more than scanty texts via WhatsApp, bumming together around the apartment thrice a week and the isolated rendezvous at the end of every other fortnight; in essence, a routine that offers no significant impact to society.

For a celebrity couple, however, these so-called habitual activities come with the responsibility to provide some form of benefaction to everybody else's way of life whether creatively, financially, fashion-wise or politically just to name a few.

And though some twosomes in Kenya come together for fleeting moments of fame, becoming a super couple is a much harder feat- in fact, a long-term relationship that comes with its own national fan base and resulting deep pockets is the exception, scarcely the rule- much of this owing to the societal pressures and the discipline that is required to sustain their brands.

From the Murayas to the Wajesuses, these couples are as endearing as duos are they are individuals — and they all give us something to which to aspire.




With everything that goes on in our country, having comedians and comediennes makes life in these streets just a little more bearable. Njugush, as many know him, is famous for his former lead role on the comedy series “The Real Househelps of Kawangware” (TRHHK) and starring in numerous advertisements on TV after resigning from TRHHK.

His wife, Wakavinye, is funny in her own right and makes us laugh every time we see her on net reacting to Njugush's silly antics. Njugush now runs a YouTube channel with Wakavinye performing skits on everyday situations but with a comedic twist, many of these performed with or directed by his wife. These skits have rocketed the couple higher on the fame scale and have made them a corporate hot cake for many organisations looking to have their services broadcasted in a friendly yet convincing manner.

Not only does the couple make people laugh, but Timothy's constant heartfelt messages and gestures of appreciation on social media to his wife make many people feel warm and fuzzy and give them an ideal of a partnership anyone would like to have. Together, they're a wonder-duo of laughter and love, and are constantly spreading both.



The music industry in Kenya and Christianity are two mainstream concepts that hardly ever go together. Many times, relationships formed by celebrities who operate in the music industry only live on in the heartbroken tracks (and diss tracks) they’ve inspired.

For the Murayas, however, ever since Size 8 became reborn the duo has been taking the media by storm- from starting a YouTube channel “Keeping Up With The Murayas”, endorsing countless brands including Huggies diapers (starring their daughter, Ladasha), and aiding greatly in the massive growth of their entertainment company System Unit- despite having tabloid rumours of their “separation and divorce”.

Size 8 Reborn and DJ Mo are also publicly supportive of each other's endeavours, which include Pambio Live, a gospel show Size 8 Reborn recently began hosting. The couple also hosts charity events. This family is one of the most inspiring families in the industry, and they happen to be adorable as well.



The Wa Jesus Duo made many Kenyans hearts swoon and shot to fame in 2017 when Kabi’s live TV proposal turned into a romantic comedy; he couldn't get his darling to stand still long enough for him to pop the question properly!

The college sweethearts met in 2016 and wed a year after the viral proposal (that’s doing numbers to the day). Since their marriage, the brains behind “Thitima” and “Kanashika” has been known to tour the country alongside his wife as coveted Bonfire Adventures ambassadors, endorsing the travel agency and appearing on several TV and radio shows, all the while filming for their family’s YouTube channel.

Kabi, a heavily sought after master of ceremony, producer, and artist is business partners with his wife Milly in their media production company, Bantu Films. They also partner in other business ventures as well, heavily selling their image as a combo rather than individuals, as is evident in their social media activity.

In action, Kabi takes on the on-set directing while Milly tackles the behind the scene managerial and merchant roles. The couple has both admitted to having different, yet merging personalities and have since combined their forces and love to create uber-success in the entertainment industry. They are the embodiment of #relationshipgoals and #businessgoals and it is safe to say that love lives here.