SHOWBUZZ: Diamond’s baby mama claims Zari’s hate is good

Saturday January 13 2018

Tanzanian model and video vixen Hamisa Mobetto has claimed that  Zari Hassan's fans hate towards her has been nothing but a blessing to her as it has helped her clinch more endorsement deals. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP

Tanzanian model and video vixen Hamisa Mobetto has claimed that  Zari Hassan's fans hate towards her has been nothing but a blessing to her as it has helped her clinch more endorsement deals. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Diamond’s baby mama claims Zari’s hate is good

Tanzanian model and video vixen Hamisa Mobetto has claimed that  Zari Hassan's fans hate towards her has been nothing but a blessing to her as it has helped her clinch more endorsement deals.

Since she had a secret affair with Zaris’ boyfriend, bongo flava star Diamond Platinumz that ended up with her conceiving  and delivering a baby boy, the two ladies have constantly been on a war of words on their social pages throwing tantrums and hailing insults at each other.

A good fractions of  Zaris’ fans have equally been attacking Hamisa labelling her with all shameful names like ‘Husband snatcher’ ‘Mosquito’, among others but the petite model maintains that the hate doesn’t take anything from her but instead making her more popular something she claims has made her attract more endorsement deals.

“Nawashangaa sana wanaonipa majina ya ajabu ajabu wakitegemea nitachukia kumbe hawajua"


Wema Sepetu’s drugs case put off after lawyer bolts

Diamond Platinumz’s famous ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu’s drugs case has been postponed after her lawyer ditched her. Since last year, actress Wema has been fighting to clear her name from a case in which she is accused of peddling drugs after several rolls of bhang were found in her Dar es Salaam house during a police swoop.

Lawyer Peter Kibatala, who has been handling the case until mid last week, wrote to Kisutu Resident Magistrate court requesting to withdraw from representing Wema. The twist has forced Magistrate Thomas Simba who was set to determine the case this month, to postponed it to February 8.



Puzzle over gospel duo’s split continues

The sudden split of one of the most celebrated award winning gospel groups in Kenya, Kelele Takatifu, late last year has continued to puzzle many as to what actually transpired. The duo of Moji Short Baba and Didi Man, however, insist they parted ways so as to realise their full potential by concentrating on solo careers.

The word on the street is that the two talented musicians broke up due to financial issues. Various sources allege that Short Baba decided to go solo after a disagreement with Didi Man over misappropriation of the group’s finances.

These are claims that Didi Man has vehemently denied, stating that things are just being taken out of proportion as he maintains that the decision to split was a gentleman’s agreement between them and there is no bad blood between them.

“Moji is still my best friend, there is no grudge between us,” Didi stated in a local TV interview.

Interestingly, Didi Man was last year also accused of refusing to pay a Sh15,000 debt by a certain DJ who claimed to have lent him the money for a video shoot. Didi Man came out and addressed the claims, saying the guy whom he has a long history with was out to tarnish his name.

Since the spilt last September, Short Baba has released two jams “Wacha Story” and “Kuzitoka” while Didi Man dropped his first single “Saluti” in the first week of January.



Kidum ready to sue events firms unless they apologise

Popular Nairobi-based Burundian musician Kidum (real name Jean Pierre Nimbona) has threatened to sue Hailemind Entertainment and SMP Events companies for defamation if they don’t offer him a public apology.

Last month, Nairobi News reported that Hailemind Entertainment, a promotion company that was hired by SMP Event, threatened to sue Kidum for inexplicably skipping a show he was meant to be the main act that had been set for Kericho Tea Hotel on December 15.

Kidum, who has been living in the country for over a decade, dared the complainant to make good the threat as he dismissed claims of skipping the show even after the SMP event Organiser had paid him Sh250,000 for the gig.

Hailemind had gone out to promote the show making posters with Kidum’s image and name but the musician was quick to dismiss it saying no agreement had yet been reached with SMP.

But in a new turn of events, the hunted has turned out to be the hunter as Kidum is now demanding an apology from the two companies or else face the full force of the law.

“I have decided to press charges so that I seek justice. People have got this habit to abuse me in so many things just because I am a foreigner. The order came out on Thursday and my lawyer will be serving David Kiprono, SMP Events spokesman anytime soon demanding for a public appology, failure to which we will have no option but drag them to corridors of justice to face full force of the law,” Kidum disclosed to Showbuzz.



Prezzo’s girlfriend in a spot over internet nudes

Controversial Kenyan rapper CMB Prezzo’s Tanzanian girlfriend Amber Lulu is in trouble. This after President John Magufuli’s government cracked the whip on socialites and video vixens who post raunchy or semi-nude photos on their social media pages, especially Instagram.

According to Assistant Minster for Information, Culture and Arts, Ms Juliana Shonza, all socialites and video vixens fond of posting nude pictures of themselves online have been put on a checklist and will face the full force of the law if found guilty.

“Going as per the memo I issued in December last year, we are on the lookout for anyone who dares post an inappropriate picture on Instagram or elsewhere. We know their handles and we will deal with them individually. We doing this because we have to protect our morals and values as a society,” Shonza was quoted by Mwananchi.

Amber Lulu, who’s been dating Prezzo for a year now, became famous in Tanzania because of her constant nude posts on Instagram. Lulu is said to be among several socialites who have been summoned for questioning by Ms Shonza. The list includes the bootylicous Jane Rimoy, popularly known as Sanchi, who is a friend of Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika.

Ms Shonza has already set the ball rolling by banning socialite Pretty Kind for six months from posting anything on her social pages and not to feature in any entertainment, marketing or promotion projects. The idea was started off by President Magufuli last year.




Otile Brown stole our song, claims Coast duo

Fast-rising Mombasa musical duo Ndanah Miqassa and Spizzo have accused popular musician Otile Brown of stealing their song. According to the duo, Otile asked them to pay him Sh200,000 to feature in a collabo then went on to turn on their backs and stole their song “Wenge”.

The duo, who have been riding high with their “Kidege” song, claim Timmy T Dat and the melodious Otile Brown conspired with the producer of “Wenge” Magix Enga allowing the two artistes to sample their song and then went on to release their collabo “Wembe”.

Speaking to Showbuzz, Spizzo say they had reached out to Otile for a “Wenge Remix” but he told them he charged Sh200,000 for collabo. Ndanah and Spizzo would not meet the terms and thus they decided to let go the remix idea.

They claim that a few weeks later, they were shocked to learn that Timmy and Otile had released their song with the only difference being the name “Wembe”. The upcoming musicians who are based in Nairobi decided not to speak of it because they felt they would be accused of seeking publicity.

“When we released “Wenge”, it didn’t do well as we had anticipated and so we decided it was best if we would rope in experienced artistes in doing the remix. We reached to Otile but he told us he charges Sh200 for a feature and so we let the matter rest. A few few weeks later, we were shocked about his collabo with Timmy “Wembe” release. They copied the ‘Wenge’ beats, melody and the chorus itself that is exactly the same as ours, as well as few Swahili words,” Spizzo said on phone call.

This is not the first time Otile has been accused in scandals relating to music.