Did Otile ‘delete’ his song online for publicity?

Saturday May 19 2018

Artiste Otile Brown. PHOTO | COURTESY

Artiste Otile Brown. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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With Otile Brown’s hit song "Chaguo la Moyo", that was supposedly deleted, now back on YouTube, claims have emerged that he could have been behind the move.

The song featuring Sanapei Tande, that now has over 1.6 million views, was said to have been ‘deleted sometime last week after hitting more than 1.4 million views. This was after a user identified as Janet Kipsang is said to have contacted YouTube and laid claim to it.

After that, Otile blast his enemies on his Instagram account, accusing them of the move. He promised his fans that his team was working to resolve that.

This raised a debate from different quarters, including fellow artistes, on why such a song would be deleted at a time Otile was busy making headlines with his new romance with socialite Vera Sidika, if it didn’t intend to keep the hype on him.

An artiste who seemed irked with the idea said, “Otile got to his YouTube channel settings and made the song private, then cooked a story about it being taken down by a fake person. Showbiz is very important but let it also be top notch stunts, not this mediocrity.”


‘Twaweza Live’ rolls out for first destination

Local musicians led by Redsan, Jua Cali, Nyashinski, Nameless, Wahu, Ringtone , Mercy Masika, and Naiboi are set to make huge financial gains from  Safaricom Twaweza Live Initiative. Over the next seven months, the artistes will conduct a series of concerts when they accompany the telecommunication giant on its nationwide tour as it interacts with its customers.

The campaign, which was launched a week ago, is set to visit Rift, Central, Eastern, Coast, Nyanza, Western and Nairobi regions, delivering a mix of entertainment, product education, customer services, free medical camps and community projects.

The roadshow caravan will spend 10 days in each region with the first leg coming to an end next Saturday, by holding a live music concert at the Eldoret Sports Club.

Following complaints about the telecommunication service provider by local artistes over the Diamond Platinumz album launch sponsorship, Safaricom has been making moves to mend fences with the local acts.

This initiative comes just weeks after the company, through its director for consumer business Sylvia Mulinge, announced that Safaricom will be launching a jackpot competition for artistes whose music will drive the highest downloads on its music app, Songa. The plan is yet to be launched.


DJ Kalonje loses his father after a long illness

Popular mix master, DJ Kalonje, is having the worst of times. Just months after his multi-million shilling studio was demolished in Eastleigh by goons whom he alleged were sent by a prominent figure, the entertainer has now lost his father.

The DJ, whose real name is George Waweru, was very close to his father who had even given him space in his apartment to set up the Mix Masters Entertainment recording studio.

The facility was demolished, with allegations emerging that it was a way to threaten his father to abandon the residence.

DJ Kalonje shared the demise of his dad, who had been ailing for some time, on social media.

“Dear dad, I just want to thank you for everything, you raised us on one principle, love is the answer. It’s with disbelief and sorrow that I say goodbye to you. May you rest well. I will take care of mum for you. Till we meet again,” he wrote.

Darassa not in the drugs habit

Bongo sensation Darassa, who took Kenyan showbiz by storm with his hit song ‘Muziki’, has been missing from the scene for a while now. Rumour that has been swirling around alleges that the talented rapper started abusing drugs after the success of the song and it is the reason he has been in the dark.

However, according to vocalist and singer Ben Pol, who collaborated with Darassa on ‘Muziki’, this is not true. Ben Pol says that they have been in constant communication until now.

“To be honest, I don’t buy the rumour simply because I don’t have any reason to. I would have commented on the rumour if I had noticed anything peculiar. Darassa and I are always communicating, even talking for hours on phone or video call,” Ben Pol disclosed.

The two have collaborated on three songs including ‘Sikati Tamaa’ and ‘Tatu’, but ‘Muziki’ has been the biggest hit of them all.  

Wizkid blasted by ‘baby-mama’

Nigerian star Wizkid isn’t the happiest father after all due to the numerous dramas he has to cope with from his “baby-mamas”. The entertainer has kids with three different women who have been giving him a living hell on social media platforms.

Just days after his first “baby-mama”, Shola Ogudu, called him out for being a deadbeat father to their seven-year-old son, his second “baby-mama”, Binta Diallo, took to social media to attack his third “baby-mama”, Jada Pollock.

Jada had posted a photo of the music star and their son praising him for being such a wonderful father on her Instagram page. “Thank You for always being such an incredible Dad!! Ayo” she captioned the photo.

But a few minutes later, Binta took to her Instagram, bashing Wizkid and Jada by posting a series of photos. On the first photo she said: “When your baby father is a clown and so is his girlfriend”.

And on the other, Binta kept with the rant posting: “When someone treats your child like crap then you’ll understand where I’m coming from... Yeah! of course he’s a good father to your child and we all see that babymamager.”


Capleton Tour will go on as planned

Jamaican dancehall and reggae superstar Capelton, has assured his fans he will not miss his world tour scheduled to start end of the month due to rape charges filed against him.

The ‘Jah Jah City’ hit maker was arraigned in court on Tuesday this week to face the charges, and  there had been fear he would miss his world tour which starts on May 25, running up to June 27.

However, Capleton assured his fans that he will not postpone or skip the dates, promising the tour will go on as planned. The 51-year-old posted the assurance message on social media as he denied the rape charges, just moments after the Parish Court in Kingston, Jamaica, set him free on $250,000 (Sh25 million) bail.

The court allowed him to continue with his day to day activates but warned him of jail time should he miss any court session.

“I vehemently deny all accusations of sexual misconduct and do not condone crime or violence against women or anyone. I’m the target of an extortion scheme,” the dancehall star said.

It is alleged, on April 28, 2018, the entertainer raped a woman who was contracted to do his hair. But Capleton says the woman has been making monetary demands.