ACTSCENE: Selina - Innocent village beauty that is the thorn and curse of the city

Saturday January 13 2018

Selina - Innocent village beauty that is the thorn and curse of the city. PHOTO| COURTESY

Selina - Innocent village beauty that is the thorn and curse of the city. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Television lovers enjoy watching a major star carry a film on his/her back, but when directors assemble several talented actors for their cast, it only raises the level of excitement.

That is what Selina has done. The creators of this new Kenyan Telenovela assembled one of the best cast that Kenya has seen recently.

Some of the actors in the new drama series include popular as well as upcoming ones like Pascal Tokodi, Celestine Gachohi, Helen Keli, Abel Amunga and Alex Khayo.

In giving an age difference between the protagonists, the show makes the romance just that much more impossible to achieve… and hopefully, leave it on a hook for a second season.

Selina, will make its debut on Maisha Magic East on Monday, January 15. According to the creators it is a classic Cinderella-like story that combines the romance of the fairy-tale with the relevant social issue of educating the girl child.

The show depicts the life of Selina, a 20-year-old girl, who is taken to a wealthy city home by her two-faced rural stepmother, Kristina. 

According to Celestine Gachuhi who plays Selina, she is nervous and cannot wait for people to watch the show, she told ActScene.

“I could not make to the first two auditions when they were announced and when I saw that there was a third one I went and tried my luck and was cast. So this is a great beginning of the year and hope people will love the show,” she added. The 21-year-old was full of praise of her co-cast and said they all helped her a lot during the shooting of the show.

Alex Khayo who was voted as the most popular actor on the second season of BET’s Top Actor in 2016 plays Xavier and told ActScene that he is excited to have been part of a great show.

“I had never done what I did in the making of Selina. It demanded a lot from the actors but at the end it was worth it.” He added that they had to shoot day, night and in the rain which left him sick.

In the show, Kristina brainwashes Selina, convincing her to leave her family and education behind to work as a housemaid to support her family, her unwell father and her younger step-brother and sister. Kristina is simply looking to make some easy money from Selina. All the drama unravels when Selina falls for the young son of the house, Nelson, which is played by Tokodi. The show is a story of love, deception and betrayal.