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HIT OR MISS: Milele by Elani

Sunday March 9 2014

PHOTO | COURTESY From left: Elani band members Muthoni Kunga, Brian Chweya and Wambui Ngige.

PHOTO | COURTESY From left: Elani band members Muthoni Kunga, Brian Chweya and Wambui Ngige.  


Towards the end of last year, a new band came into the scene with a smash hit ‘Jana Usiku’ which ruled the airwaves for a while. And as Buzz predicted, this group was one of the acts to watch in 2014.

Two months later, it can be said Elani are living up to the hype, slowly building a following on social media among the soul lovers, they have mastered the art of hit making.

With the current local music scene being what it is, Elani are set to take over a larger demographic than it was earlier anticipated. The trio comprising of Maureen, Brian and Wambui are the breath of fresh air the “same ol’ artists” dominated industry needed.

‘Jana Usiku’ marked the beginning of a resurgence in the vocal’s sector of the industry; it was almost like there was a substantial untapped audience with an appreciation of soul, neo-soul and jazz like type of music that bands like Elani came to address.

Their new track ‘Milele’ which dropped earlier in the week and was followed by a visual is just a sign of the kind of potential the Kenyan scene holds and just how much music has grown. Elani’s strong fondness for smooth soul and urban rhythm is clearly evident in their new song.

Produced by Mugidi Savara of Sol Music, the beat is slow and soulful; he didn’t use many instruments on the song making it easy for a listener to focus more on the vocals. The track, done in Kiswahili, is what our music should sound like — the vocals are accurate, all the singers manage to control their voices, and none of the singers go off key in their verses.

‘Milele’ is a total home run. It allows every Elani fan – from casual listeners to zealots – to see the amount of talent Elani has and how easily they sing. The downside of the track lies in the contrived happy ending to a story that isn’t finished yet.

Nonetheless, it’s almost like you wouldn’t want the song to stop, and that’s how amazing ‘Milele’ is.