Ndela - I want to host a children's show

Saturday December 16 2017

Ndela Mwiri

Ndela Mwiri. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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She is only 10 but has set her goals high. The last born in a family of five, Ndela Mwiri is cast as Hannah in the television show Maza and she is hoping to host a children’s show soon. ActScene sought to find out how this young and outspoken girl found her way to the TV screens.

Who is Ndela?
I was born in a hospital in Mombasa but I have lived my whole life here in Kilifi. I am in Class Five at Mudzini School in Kikambala. I have two puppies one which follows me everywhere and I would also like a horse. If I get a chance I would love to host a children’s television show.

Why did you start acting? I participate in all school plays. It has been my passion to stand in front of an audience and talk. 

How did you get to be cast as Hannah in the show Maza?
The crew were shooting in this hotel that my mother works for. I started asking so many questions and the script writer told me that I was interesting, had confidence and I was not shy, so after a few weeks I was cast.

Has acting always been your passion?
It has, a local film director had an interest for my school to perform in a play but unfortunately when they were ready, no sponsorship was forthcoming. I had been cast as the main character for this play and I had given it my all. From that day I knew I wanted to be an actor and it has become my passion.   

How do you feel when you see yourself on television? Initially I was very shy but now my confidence has grown and I’m proud of myself.

Do your friends treat you differently now that you are on television?
All my friends are very happy for me and they tell me that I inspire them. My friends’ parents are very encouraging and supportive too, and see it as a positive impact to their children.

Who is your favourite actor and why?
Some of my favourite actors are on Nickelodeon shows. I also get inspired by the Maza cast. I love watching the news anchors, especially Lulu Hassan. One of my other favourite show host is Ellen.

What would you tell Lulu if you met her?
I have only spoken to her on the phone and she told me that when she visits Kilifi we will meet and talk. I would interview her and ask her where she gets her confidence to go live on air and how it works.

Apart from acting, what else do you want to be when you grow up? I’m aspiring to become a journalist, news anchor and a television host. As for now I would love to host a children’s show.