Nyota Ndogo exposes her poor and ungrateful relatives

Saturday October 28 2017

Singer, Nyota Ndogo. PHOTO| COURTESY

Singer, Nyota Ndogo. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Musician Nyota Ndogo last week went on a venting session on her social media releasing pent up disappointment and anger that she has been bottling up for the last 17 years.

She particularly focused on the fact that her family has been stressing her out. In one post she detailed how her “lazy” sisters who don’t want to work have placed on her the financial burden of taking care of their mother, especially since when she provides for her mother, they all get to “eat”.

“…so mimi nikiwa sina wote wapo tu. Hii family ingekua na umoja tungekua mbali sana but haina. Mkubwa anaona mimi mdogo ataniambia nini. I love my mum. Munielewe hivyo (When I lack we all lack. Had this family been united we would have gone far, please understand I love my mother).”

In a separate post, she reveals she has built a house for her mother (she already lives in it), which isn’t complete yet and which her husband has helped to furnish.

She adds that she pays school fees for some of her siblings’ children and is the one who gets called to school if there is a problem. Still her family is ungrateful and one of her sisters who she calls Leila once tried to get photographers to take pictures of their mother to show the world that she (the mother) is living in squalor.

Her brother also took to social media and attacked her for being married to an older man, even calling her a prostitute.