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Ten most memorable big brother moments

Saturday August 4 2012



The assault that was heard around the world. Everybody was talking about it and this was not the publicity Big Brother Africa had in mind and how they dealt with it would have defined the future of the show.

It started as a stupid joke, like most fights anyway, then it escalated into a war of words and then the slap landed. Zainab started it all when she peeped at DKB in the shower, something that really pissed him off. He confronted the Sierra Leonean celebrity giving her a tongue lashing and threatening to slap her. This only helped in worsening the situation and she walked up to him and repeatedly shouted: “Slap me now.”

Well, you keep knocking on hell’s door long enough and it will be opened and the Ghanaian comedian did just that and hit her with a left hand slap that shocked her, the house and the world.

It was an easy decision for Big Brother and he evicted the two immediately reading them the “anti-violence” rule, which was expanded to include any housemate whose provocative behaviour contributed substantially to creating a hostile and aggressive environment in which violence is the result.



This was the moment, sadly, that Prezzo made his mark. He barraged the South African beauty with insult after biting insult and the video went viral and Africa has not stopped talking about the Kenyan rapper.

It was every girl’s nightmare, having to sit there and listen to Prezzo as he told Barbz that she would never have children and might die single since she’s past 31 and no boyfriend in sight.

A drunk Prezzo got out of this situation untouched but the situation between him and Barbz might never be repaired as she nominated him for eviction every chance she got. She, however, ended up leaving him in the house.


Goldezzo was their name and their love affair was the trending topic in all of the show’s cycle. Theirs was a normal kind of love, they had their ups, downs, happy days and teary filled ones but they still stuck together.

Prezzo made a lot of enemies as he protected his girl and didn’t care whether it was a countrymate like Alex or not, he would go crazy whenever one made his girl cry as Alex found out the hard way.

But our man got more out of the relationship that she did. She cooked for him, made his stay in the house comfortable and even saved him from a possible eviction.

But when they were both nominated for eviction, he was left standing as she bowed out of the show. But the two did give us a lot of memories.


We were all ready to call it Survival Big Brother; what with all the fighting that was taking place. The two housemates had a disagreement that turned ugly after Roki poured water on Maneta and she in turn, poured bleach on his face.

Fellow Upville mates saved the situation but Roki was already injured in his left eye. Biggie cancelled Keitta‘s diary room session and sent them packing for contravening the rule of violence which is punishable by expulsion.

The two housemates had been all over each other the whole day and Big Brother had warned them and read them the riot act, but that did not help one bit.


The housemates hate him but Africa loves him and there is nothing they could do about it. Prezzo was on the chopping block a record four times and he stared eviction in the face and it cowered in his presence.

The first time he was nominated, he was saved by his girlfriend Goldie who was the head of house and he was so sure he was safe that he had the courage to walk up to his fellow contestants and tell them; “Trust me, I’m here for weeks”.

The next three times, his fans voted for him including last week when all odds were against him and this is the reason people look at him as a possible contender of the Sh25 million jackpot.


Sucks to be Alex right now. He looks like the unpatriotic man who wanted his own countrymate, Prezzo evicted even when the rapper never uttered his name at the diary room.

He nominated Prezzo twice for eviction and still left the “Naleta action” star standing. What was worse was when asked whom he wanted to win the prize, Alex said Malawi and it was so bad he had to keep defending himself in the media alleging that he said whom he thought would win not whom he wanted to win.

Oh well, he will need more to convince us it was just a game.


Looking at all of Prezzo’s support right now, you would find it hard to believe that a few three months ago, everyone was calling Prezzo the worst Kenyan contestant at Big Brother.

Many, who had never seen the real Prezzo were of the opinion that he was a slow guy who only knew “Cash Money President” or “Naleta Action”. But that was changed when he dropped the act and many saw him as a regular guy who just happens to be a celebrity.

He quickly changed perceptions and became the talking point in Big Brother Africa and all eyes will be on him tonight.


Kenyan politicians led by Prime Minister Raila Odinga are firmly on Prezzo’s side and have been campaigning for him like he was a politician. Rachel Shebesh was the first to voice her support for Prezzo but the Prime Minister has ran away with it.

He has been marshalling his supporters to vote for Prezzo and even taking pictures to prove that he is a man of his word. Of course, it is all about political positioning and with Prezzo being the biggest name out right now, it only helps to attach yourself with him for some mileage.

This is a first and from the look of things, not the last time.


He has been involved in so many altercations in the house, it is amazing how Prezzo has never been in a fight or even evicted. It all started with DKB whom he almost came to blows with in the early days of the show even threatening him with injury and death. “I’ll kill you. I’ll add more scars to your face”. Then there was Barbz and many others.

Of course he is human and he knows he angered many people and that is why he asked for forgiveness on Thursday, an indication he wants to end the show on a clean slate and probably get atonement from those who are yet to get over him like Barbz.