SHOWBUZZ: Vanessa and boyfriend working on album

Saturday January 20 2018

Vanessa Mdee and her hunk boyfriend Jux.

Vanessa Mdee and her hunk boyfriend Jux. PHOTO | COURTESY

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After getting back together from a 6 months break up, Bongo flava singing couple Vanessa Mdee and her hunk boyfriend are thinking about recording an album together.

The lovely couple who stole the headlines in June last year after Vanessa announced that she had dumped Jux, rekindled their love once again over Christmas when they took time to holiday in Diani Beach, Mombasa. Having started the new year pretty well, the talented duo is back in studio and this time they say they mean business.

Speaking recently to Clouds FM about their upcoming music projects, Jux, whom famous socialite Huddah Monroe confessed to having a serious crush on, was asked if they have a plan of doing an album together and his answer was:

Bado hatajupanga hilo lakini tunarekodi nyimbo... (We haven’t planned that yet but we are already recording songs together. However if Vanessa’s management and my team get to some level of understanding then we can do an album together).” The love birds met four years ago.


Kaka says he meant no ill, but Jimwat sees the ‘blunder’

Rapper King Kaka seems to be having endless issues with musicians, picking “fights” with them every so often. Kaka has now responded to Jimwat distrack, the once high flying Calif Records ‘genge’ rapper whose career turned for the worse due to alcohol addiction.

Few days ago, King Kaka dropped his latest poetic song ‘Mistarillionaire’ that Jimwat, who has been struggling to reignite his career after being to the rehab thrice, took an offence with. In the jam, King Kaka boldly name drops various artistes who refused to work with him while he was struggling to make a breakthrough.

In one of the lines he raps “... Jimwat alininyima collabo, Mejja pia na Jua (Cali)...” This did not go down well with Jimwat who accused him of making things so personal to an extent of mocking him in a song even though he confirms he snubbed King Kaka because he was an upcoming artiste then before fame.

And despite that, Jimwat decided to hit the booth and release a distrack titled ‘Blunder’. King Kaka has now responded to the distrack saying his song was not meant to attack anyone. “Hiyo song sijadiss mtu yeyote...” he said.

This comes just months after he picked up a war fight with Sauti Sol, Redsan, Wyre among other pioneer artistes whom he criticised for allegedly not helping enough to grow the Kenyan music industry.


Mammito and Eddie having a more than ‘just friends’ affair?

The aging rumour on alleged relationship between Churchill show comedians Eddie Butita and Eunice Mammito has resurfaced again. This is after the comedienne posted a picture of ‘bae’ last week captioning it MCM (Man Crush Monday) and then went ahead to disenable the comment button preventing anyone from reacting to the post.

This aroused the debate as to whether the two are romantically involved or its some sort of gimmicks to gain public attention as both neither denying nor confirming the rumours.

However last year while on an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Butita said Mammito is like a sister to him and went on to say he also has several pictures taken with other female comedians Jemutai and Zeddie and wondered why the Mammito one was causing a debate.

When the rumour broke out, it was also claimed that the two had moved in together somewhere in Pangani, Nairobi, and that they had been together for a year. But a Showbuzz source who interacts with the duo on a daily basis has said the two are more than ‘just friends’.


Kagwe set to release music on his birthday

Afrofunky house musician Kagwe Mungai has hinted of dropping his new album on his birthday on January 31, when he will be turning 27.  Sources close to the multi-talented artiste who also doubles up as a producer and director, have hinted that he intends to make his 27th birthday a day to remember as he will not only be celebrating his life, but also his musical journey.

“His latest album is almost ready and he intends to release this year most probably on his birthday end of this month, however he wants it to remain a secret” the source disclosed to Showbuzz.

Last year, his fans were treated to hits such as ‘Bass’  ‘Party Nation’ and ‘Nyumbani’ featuring Alicious that led to speculation the two could be dating. Kagwe launched his music career in 2012 with his debut EP ‘It Only Gets Better’.


Will DK Kwenye Beat fulfil his wedding dream this year?

Gospel musician DK Kwenye Beat who broke into the limelight with hit song ‘Furi Furi’, has once again vowed to wed before the end of 2018 after having failed to do so last year as he had promised.

The ‘Asusu’ hitmaker, who recently made a comeback in to the music scene with a new jam ‘Kijana Wa Kayole’ after a two year hiatus, had promised to walk down the aisle with his long-time girlfriend Shannize last December but for some reason that did not happen.

Despite that, David Kilonzo – his official names – insists that everything is on course and this year he will make sure he realises that dream of being called someone’s’ husband. “Our plans are still on course and I’m pretty sure before December I won’t be bachelor.”