SHOWBUZZ: Why Cece Sagini quit her 9 to 5 job

Saturday March 5 2016

Cece Sagini is a fairly new entrant in the

Cece Sagini is a fairly new entrant in the mainstream music industry. She has however been building towards her moment in the spotlight through her small but vital live performances. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Singer Cece Sagini has revealed what made her quit her regular job to concentrate on music.

Although she did not disclose where she used to work, she told Showbuzz that her resignation was based purely on finding more time to focus on music.

“It reached a point where I just wanted to concentrate on music. My employers knew I was a musician and they totally supported me, but I needed to put in more time and energy to music; so I had to resign.

We are in good terms with them and there is no bad blood,” she said. She added that the song 9 to 5 was influenced by the working habits of people she had been observing. “Work should be fun; people should explore and find their passion away from their

regular jobs.”

For now, Sagini is not worried about the extra income her previous job provided, and says there are many ways to earn money from music. She says she is ready to release more singles and do more live performances with her band.