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Heaven-sent: Employers pay homage to their house helps

Monday September 16 2019

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Sylvia Moraa (left) and her house help Nancy Abila. Abila has helped Moraa raise her autistic children. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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“My name is Sylvia Moraa. I’m an entrepreneur and founder of Tech Hub Holdings, a company that deals with business development and consultancy. I’m a mother of three boys, 13-year-old Daniel, nine-year-old Andrew, and Brad, who is seven-and-a-half years old.

Andrew and Brad are autistic, which means that they require lots of parental attention. Being a single, working parent, I would not manage to raise them without the help of a nanny.

Getting a good house help, though, has not been easy at all, especially with the special condition Andrew and Brad have. They demand round-the-clock care, daily medication and assistance with basic tasks such as dressing. One also requires certain skills to understand their non-verbal life and to pick cues of their minimal vocal communication.

I remember a few years ago, I had the misfortune of hiring a really bad house help. It took me a long time to see her true colours. Whenever I was at home, she would act all nice and friendly with my children. Once I left, she would change colours like a chameleon. She would mock, rebuke and even beat up my kids."

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