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Use the space you have to create a play area for your child

Thursday April 30 2020

play area

The play area could be a corner of the living room or one of the bedrooms, if you don’t have a spare room. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Suddenly, life has become one long holiday with everyone in the house from Monday to Sunday.

Unlike regular routines which revolved around home and school, now your child is at home all day long.

The introduction of the social distancing rule also means that children spend a lot more time in the confines of the home.

If you are lucky to have outdoor space, then your children can spend time outdoors, but if you live in an apartment, then your children have no option but to spend all their time indoors.

Just as you would curate other rooms in your home to suit your needs and personal style, a playroom, even a makeshift one, would serve the purpose of providing an area your young ones can call their own as they go about their day.

The play area could be a corner of the living room or one of the bedrooms, if you don’t have a spare room.



Creating a suitable space for your child to play, learn and grow begins with letting go of items that may no longer be useful or treasured by them in this new phase of their life.

Involving them in the process also helps them learn the importance of tidying up and letting go and keeping their space clutter-free as they mature.

Depending on their age, involving them in the process of putting together their playroom, or play space, will also inspire an appreciation for the space.


Once they have learnt how to clean up after themselves, a suitable storage option for their toys and other wares will provide the playroom with structure and ensure everything has its place.

Investing in child-friendly chests, storage bins and baskets to suit each purpose is a sure way to keep Lego-brick accidents at bay.

Wall design

Children are prone to bursts of creativity, be it on paper or on your living room wall.

Investing in a wall paint that is easy to clean will not only keep you sane, but will provide a new avenue to showcase and honour your child’s artistic eye.

Create a gallery for them by helping them come up with innovative projects and hanging them up for all to see.

Reading Nook

Wouldn’t you prefer a cozy space to read a chapter or two of your favourite novel?

Transferring that inspiring energy into a reading space for your child could be just the boost they need to catch up on the new adventures of their favourite book characters.

There are lots of creative nook ideas that incorporate the child’s library with a comfortable seating area with lots of cushions, combined with some of their favourite educational toys for a learning atmosphere that feels familiar to them and their needs.

Be keen to stock books on subjects they seem excited to engage in. This can also serve as a study area as your child learns from home.

Play station

No, not the brand. Well, not necessarily. A child’s first play station is in their subconscious, where games play out common scenes from their lives and exhibit the initial phase of character development.

Today they want to be a doctor, tomorrow a fashion designer and the next an astronaut.

Building a fort with them using cushions and blankets or buying a ready-made indoor teepee tent will create a space of their own for them, whether it is inside the home or out on the balcony on a sunny day out.

Add fairy lights to ease this space into an otherworldly experience for your child in the evening.

Bunk bed

Can’t designate an entire room for this purpose? No problem. Adding tiers to the child’s existing bedroom can always be done by expanding the use of a bunk bed as a functional play area.

Make a ‘tree house’ of it and create a space that could also double up as a sleepover centre once they can interact with their friends once more.