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Instal bathroom cabinets to infuse style, personality

Thursday April 2 2020

bathroom cabinets

If you give your bathroom the attention it deserves, it can become your happy place. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Who said that bathrooms have to be boring?

Gone are the days when one was just that – a basic uninspiring shower and a token toilet.

A bathroom can be the place that you go to unwind after a busy day at work; therefore, it is time to start paying attention to yours.

A modern bathroom oozes not only functionality but also style. If you give it the attention it deserves, it can become your happy place, where you leisurely scroll through your favourite magazine or retouch your nail polish.

One way to give your bathroom the facelift is deserves is to instal bathroom cabinets.

“Installing them will not only create space your bathroom didn’t have, they will also enable you to do a full-scale remodelling of your bathroom,” says Saidi Karisa, who is based at Coloho Mall in Athi River, a home improvement shopping mall.


Bathroom cabinets will not only declutter your bathroom and introduce some organisation, they will also allow you to store items previously out of bounds, bringing about efficiency.

Such items include toiletries, medicines, as well as hygiene products that are best used in the privacy of the bathroom.


Bathroom cabinets are versatile, and therefore come in various types, sizes and colours, besides being made from different materials.

“There are the conventional ones that only have the hook to hold a towel and a mirror, but if you have more to spend, there are the modern ones that come with drawers, hence more storage space - these also come with a lamp and a mirror,” says Karisa.

As for conventional ‘floating’ cabinets, these are mounted under the sink, against the wall.

If looking for an even more modern and sophisticated look, there are those that are designed to suit certain user preferences.

For instance, individuals who are partial to Victorian furniture can get a Victorian bathroom cabinet.

Some of these stand-alone masterpieces come with sinks. The cabinets are large in size and are fitted with spacious drawers, as well as LED lighting, steam-resistant pads and a dressing mirror. Talk of luxury!

For decorative purposes, bathroom cabinets can be installed in such a way that they serve as a focal point in the bathroom.

A good one, besides charming the room, also freshens up the interior, turning it from simple to stylish.


Washrooms are very humid and, therefore, the materials used to make bathroom cabinets have to be waterproof.

With this in mind, most of the cabinets have marble tops, glass tops, laminates, hard wood and engraved glass.

For instance, there is a European style bathroom cabinet that is made of Galenpoo Brown PVC, which mimics hardwood and has a marble top.

It is a stand-alone cabinet that can also be installed under the sink. It is big in size, and has both shelves and drawers and comes at a cost of Sh100,000.

Then there is the Galenpoo wall-mounted cabinet that is made of space aluminium. It comes with spacious drawers and shelves.

The lowest-priced bathroom cabinet at the Coloho Mall costs Sh7,000, while those on the higher end go for Sh100,000. Most of them are imported from China.

In most outlets that sell bathroom cabinets, the accessory comes dismantled and packaged for ease of transportation, and are installed on site.