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What can you tell me about the Mazda CX5 2.2 2012 diesel 4WD?

Wednesday October 23 2019

Mazda CX5.

Mazda CX5. 

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Dear Baraza,
Thanks so much for your very informative articles on vehicles, I am one very enthusiastic lady driver! I love it! I recently parted ways with my Mazda Demio 2006, a decision that took me two years because of the love I had for that Demio.

I currently have the Nissan Teana 2.5XE version 2012 model. I am enjoying the ride, and I have worked on the suspension thoroughly. Since this is my first Nissan, advise on the pros and cons so that I can drive knowing what to expect. (I was attracted by its beautiful interior and exterior, the cost compared to its competitors, and of course the spaciousness.)

Secondly, I want to purchase an SUV. Considering the perfect performance of the Demio I had earlier, I am tempted to go for a Mazda CX5 2.2 2012 diesel 4WD. Kindly review it and advice on how to take care of the diesel engine.
You are doing a great Job.

Hi Scoller,

Yeah, you do not want a diesel CX5. Besides the general problems I outlined for Muliba above that are spread across all models, the diesel version has its own unique unpleasantness, which is centred around the much-maligned diesel particulate filter, the DPF.

This is what happens: There is a possibility of diesel fuel going into the oil sump if the engine is turned off while the DPF is regenerating. DPF regeneration is when the device heats itself up to burn off all the nasty gunk it has winnowed out of the diesel you put in your car so it can run safely.



Diesel may be thick like oil (and is in fact called diesel oil in some corners), and there may be anecdotes about diesel engines running on engine oil, but the two are not really interchangeable and should never mix, which means fuel in the sump is bad. How can one tell that diesel is going into the sump because of cum regeneratur interruptus?

The oil levels go up. That means you have to keep checking your oil every damn time, which is a spot of bother if you ask me, and the day you notice the levels go up, you have to service that car immediately or risk a seized engine. Tell me, is this the life you want to live? Fiddling with dipsticks on the daily?

How to take care of a diesel engine

1. Service it frequently, taking particular care with coolant and filters.

2. Be very choosy about where you fuel. Adulterated diesel can mean the end of your engine. On the same note, never run out of fuel. Resurrecting a diesel car that has suffered from a shortage in fuel pressure commonly referred to as “outta gas” is not as simple as refilling and restarting, unlike a petrol engine. You have to do bleeding, which is very cumbersome especially with an electric fuel pump. There is also the risk you may have damaged the injectors when you ran out in the first place.

3. Watch out for the turbo. Give it a few minutes to warm up after starting before taking off and another few minutes to cool down after stopping before cutting the engine. Yes, I know modern technology has rendered this third point moot, but I prefer to err on the side of caution.

4. Delete the DPF. This will make you environmentally unfriendly and it’s an involving process, but the New Testament says something about limbs that cause you to sin being lopped off summarily …