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Real estate spurs Kiambu Road growth

Thursday June 7 2018

The upcoming Waiyaki Ridge Gardens. PHOTO | ERIC WAINAINA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

The upcoming Waiyaki Ridge Gardens. PHOTO | ERIC WAINAINA | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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In the recent past, Kiambu Road which was previously bordered by shrubs, has been registering remarkable growth as investors scramble for land to build residential and commercial properties.

In less than 10 years, the region has seen massive development in real estate, notably gated communities that have given it a major facelift.

In addition to Runda and Ridgeways estates, which were built considerably earlier, new states that have come up, including Runda Paradise, Kasarini, Mushroom, Kencom, Eden Ville, Five Star and Summer Fields, among others.


High-end rental flats and apartments have also been coming up in the area, especially at Kasarini and Thindigua, where most people prefer to live due to the peaceful environment and their close proximity to the City.

But the area is also quickly turning into an entertainment and hospitality hub, with investors in the sector rushing to put up entertainment facilities as they seek to cash in on the growing population in the area and its environs.

Previously, there were only a few entertainment joints in the area, namely Sharks Palace, which has hotel rooms; Rock City, which has since closed its doors; Walkabout; Mbukaki, which is associated with the family of Speaker Justin Muturi; and Village Inn, which was run by the late  Njenga Karume, but has since closed doors.

But in the recent past, high-end entertainment joints have been coming up along the road, bringing with them night life, which was previously not there. 

And with the stiff competition, the investors are forced to be innovative in order to attract and keep clients.

Among the entertainment joints and hotels that have come up in  the area are Ridgeways Inn, popularly known as The Yard, Ridgeview Leisure Gardens, Mbukaki (recently relocated), Sidai Oleng, Café Columbiana, Jikonis, Scotches, Whiskey River, Phoenicia Hotel, which  is located at Mushroom, and Loswani Place.

A house in Runda Paradise, one of the more recent developments that have given Kiambu a facelift. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

A house in Runda Paradise, one of the more recent developments that have given Kiambu a facelift. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

The previously dull area is today characterised by a vibrant night life, with the weekends being particularly busy as revellers party stream in and out of the different entertainment spots throughout the night.

Ridgeways Inn (The Yard), which was previously a residential house, has revolutionised entertainment along the road, with services that have given night life new meaning, which was previously unthinkable.

In the recent past, the facility has hosted famous local and international players in the entertainment industry given that it is spacious and can accommodate hundreds of patrons.


On December 11, 2017, it hosted Jamaican reggae legend Glen Washington and on March 31, it played host to the legendary Spanish disk jockey Paco Perez. Usually, it hosts local entertainers such as Kidum and Steve Rodgers, as well as prominent DJs, perform on weekends.

Ridgeview Leisure Garden, also previously a residential house, has a lush green garden, providing a peaceful setting, with stunning views and beautiful natural grounds. It can seat up to 300 guests.

The facility, which is located next to Ridgeways Inn, has conference facilities, and offers a prime dining experience in a stylish  environment that is suitable for  all occasions – family outing, business meeting or office party,

Phoenicia Hotel, which does not sell alcoholic beverages, has brought to the area a perfect venue for getaways, corporate retreats, conference and team-building events, as well as a sanctuary where you can indulge your senses and unwind without any disturbance.

The hotel, which is barely four years old, has 37 plush rooms comprising standard and twin-bed rooms, two restaurants and exquisite personalised services as well as amenities.

Loswani Hotel which is also barely four years old, other than a restaurant, provide modern conference rooms and private business meeting rooms, complete with Internet connection and overhead projectors.

The Hotel, located at the entrance of Five Star and Eden Ville estates, also has private business hubs, which offer space for more private meetings.

Jikonis Bar and Restaurants, which opened about two years ago, and which is mostly popular with the youth, offers different cocktails and cuisines and also offers outside catering services. 

Then there is the   Sidai Oleng (which means “very good” in Maa), which is notable for the fact that it attracts people from all walks of life. It opened its doors about five years ago.

The latest entertainment spot is the Whiskey River Club, which is barely two months old.