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Simple ideas that leave a small kitchen feeling grand

Thursday August 25 2016

You can use basic accessories to redesign your

You can use basic accessories to redesign your space and make it reflect your style. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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As developers in urban areas get keener on making the most of building spaces, modern kitchens are getting smaller by day. This has left most home owners wondering how to decorate their tiny cooking space without making it more congested.

But worry not. There are those decorative ideas that can give your small kitchen your individuality, while leaving you with expansive space. Even with space constraints, a small kitchen can proudly display a collection of art that you love, and hang window treatments. It can also be accessorised to reflect your style.

The key rule here is using simple accessories to redesign your small space to create visual depth.

Welcome to the small kitchen where “less is more” when it comes to applying decorating ideas.


Start by keeping counter-tops clutter-free and instead use space like a bare wall, the alcove above the cabinets or a bare window sill to add decor sparingly.


Uniformity of colour also produces visual space, and simplicity can be achieved by sticking with items that match or have a distinct colour palette. For instance, pairing items such as a collection of decorative plates, a set of storage baskets or a group of photos in coordinating black frames creates visual continuity.


To create that spacious look and feel, there is need to depart from play-it-safe white walls. Flattering tones like orange, shades of pink, and deep brown gives the impression of spaciousness.

You can also consider using a vibrant hue to give that bold and unexpected design touch. An attention-grabbing wall will add depth and style. It will also highlight those simple architectural elements in your small kitchen.


Pick utensil designs and sizes that suit your family needs. If you do not need wineglasses with long stems, you can consider short glasses. You also do not need a 12-serving capacity hot-pot when you only cook for two; or an apartment-sized freezer if you don’t have a family. Such considerations leave more space.


Consider coloured glass designs or curtains and a room-anchoring rug. This will soften the kitchen.


Small spaces often also have the misfortune of being dark. You can forego the curtains and let in as much natural light as possible. During the decorating process, remember to look up and assess your lighting situation to ensure that you have ambient lighting overhead, and task lighting to shine light on your cooking areas.


Everything in a small kitchen must serve double-duty. Here, cabinets and shelves perform more than just storing dishes. With proper styling, floating shelves or glass-front cabinets can easily be transformed into chic vignettes for treasures or a stack of cookbooks. A freestanding cabinet like an unused bookshelf can also be used to hold your kitchen essentials if storage space is really that limited.

Also, switching to open shelves eliminates visual heft. This creates an airier environment. You can also consider replacing your cabinet doors with glass ones, taking the doors off of your cabinets entirely, or installing floating shelves.