JUST BRENDA: Can I date my child's teacher?

Tuesday June 25 2019

I've been flirting with my child's teacher on WhatsApp. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP



The teacher at my child’s school is hitting on me. It started off like friendly WhatsApp messages to full-blown flirting but now I want it to stop because it might compromise the relationship he has with my child. I don’t even know him that well. What would you advice?



You're doing the right thing. The thing with teachers is that it is always tricky because they are in direct contact with your child and thus can affect your child's education when your eyes are not on them.

So one day if you guys have had a good date, say, if you pursue this thing further, he'll give your child all the gold stars and all the accolades in class, and then the next, after a bad fight, your child will suddenly be failing exams and being punished left right and centre.


I'm painting an extreme picture because even though we tend to assume that people will choose to be professional at their workplaces, people are rarely able to separate their personal life and their corporate life.

It's too risky for your kid right now.

Maybe when your kid finishes his schooling there, if he still wants to send those texts, then he can.


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