JUST BRENDA: I think my girlfriend is cheating on me

Monday February 17 2020
sad couple

I've asked her out for dinner to talk about it but she's turned me down. PHOTO | FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP


Hi Brenda,

I’m a big fan of your columns. Thumbs up for work well done.

I am dating and I love her so much. Recently, she fell sick so I passed by her place on notification to get her groceries and other necessities.

I don't visit regularly but on this day, I found male pants and stinky socks in her bathroom. They are not mine.  I got curious, so I was tempted to look around. Under the bed, I saw very big male boots which were also not mine because I don’t wear boots either.

Since she was sick, I didn’t ask her anything. I've asked her out for dinner to talk about it but she's turned me down.  I've grown jealous and I'm wondering whether to trust her or break the relationship.



What do I do? Please help. 

The shoes are not yours. The pants are not yours. The writing is on the wall, my dear. Your girlfriend is cheating while still using you as a convenient doctor in her time of distress.

I guess the shoes and pants could belong to her brother or cousin, but that sounds a bit odd, even to you, which is why you're writing to me.

Cut your losses while you still can - she clearly doesn't even want to meet to talk. Maybe call her and ask her outright - are you cheating on me or not? And depending on her response - and the boots - you can leave. 


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