JUST BRENDA: I regret turning down my ex, I want him back

Wednesday March 18 2020

How do I tell him I want us to try again? PHOTO | FILE


Hi Brenda,

My ex asked me to marry him and I turned him down because I felt I wasn’t ready. I regret it now. After I turned him down, things just started going south. How do I tell him I want us to try again?


Why do you want him back? Is this the lapse that happens after a breakup that you're going through – you know, the one where you're so sad, you think that nothing will ever get better again?

Please be sure that you are actually ready to get married before you go back to tell him that you are – because you may not be.

What makes you ready now, that you weren't dealing with before? What has changed now? And is this the loneliness speaking, or actual sense? Do you regret it because you're alone now, or because it is him that you actually want?

When you have thought about all these things and you go to him, make sure you're clearer about your decisions. Because if not, you'll just end up in the same place a short while from now, unsure, and hurting him in the process.


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